Any quick thoughts about how I can stop binge eating and watching RV late at night? I have a spouse and toddlers, so even though we have gotten rid of almost all sugar and processed foods and snacks, we invariably have some snacks in the house including peanut butter- ugh! Also, we tend to cook extra so that food so that it will last a couple of days. Instead of remaining stoic and developing good sleep habits, I wake up, watch late night TV and binge eat. Luckily I am exercising and running on a daily basis at least 2 miles, thanks to Fabulous App, but I need to somehow kick the nighttime binge food/TV pattern. I am trying to read or meditate after reading kids to sleep, but it’s not working- yet!

Christoffer Andersen
Binge eating is not a disorder or a disease but it is definitely a habit . You can change your habits by adding another habit at it's place ! I recently
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