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The science of Fabulous

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Fabulous is a behavior change solution that began at Duke University’s Center for Advanced Hindsight.
Our team of behavioral economists, psychologists, and data scientists are constantly improving Fabulous and finding new ways to share the benefits with more people.
Fabulous was designed with a simple goal in mind: to fuel the world with the power of behavioral science.

Our Goal

Fabulous was formed with the goal to improve lives, one habit at a time.

20+ Million Users Later

96% have made a positive change in their lives thanks to Fabulous
76% report enjoying their work more
We engage 75% of employees

Working with Fabulous has been great. Not only are we seeing a transformation in our corporate culture that reflects healthier and more productive employees, but they were just easy to work with! Highly recommended!

Head of HR at Jobsity

I've come to learn that my anxiety is actually a gift and I don't want to get rid of it. Whenever you experience anxiety, it's emotional friction vs an opportunity to grow into a better, fuller version of yourself. Fabulous has helped me realize that anxiety can help me draw attention to certain things that need to be conquered.

Senior Product Designer

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