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Take action in your local communities and build habits that will last a lifetime
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What is Fabulous Giving?

Throughout our seven-year history, Fabulous has supported millions of people on their journey to become their best selves. We recognize the critical role that our communities play in achieving that goal.

That’s why we’ve launched Fabulous Giving: a platform to help people make a positive impact in the communities in which they live.
Pay it forward
One positive action can snowball to create goodwill in your community
Green your life
Commit to engaging in environmentally responsible behavior and build a sustainable lifestyle
Conquer hate
Discover the root of prejudice, hateful feelings, unpack old fears, and grow as a peacekeeper
Healthy mindset
Foster flexible thinking, overcome self-doubt, and forge more meaningful connections

How can you get involved?

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You can trust us

Born in the lab
Fabulous is a robust behavior change solution built by leaders in the field and incubated at Duke University’s Center for Advanced Hindsight
Renowned Advisors
Dan Ariely, who authored Predictably Irrational, James B. Duke, professor of behavioral economics, and our Chief Storyteller is the co-founder of the Psychology One Program at Stanford.
We’ve set on the top charts as Apple and Google Best Self Care Apps.
5-star ratings across play and
app store
96% of users say Fabulous has changed their lives for the better
Fabulous is 22 Million
users strong