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Help your employees reach their personal and professional goals
Teach your workforce the skill of making behavioral changes
Boost focus, creativity, and collaboration among your employees

Empower your team. In just 8 weeks...

86% of people have more energy through the workday!
Powerful mornings are proven to be a foundation for excellence.
76% of people have claimed more enjoyment for their work!
Increase retention and decrease spending on recruitment!
We engage over 75% of employees!
Watch healthy behaviors skyrocket across the organization.

Engage your employees on a Wellness and Development Journey

US Businesses lose $300B annually in productivity to stressed and burned out employees - Let's make a change to this!
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While attention, energy, and enthusiasm decline at work, stress runs rampant. The U.S. loses $300B in productivity from stress in the workplace, according to reports by the World Health Organization & Health Advocate

Customize your routines

Build Lasting Habits

Friendly team competition

Guided Exercises On The Go

Discover New Content

Customize your routines
Build lasting habits
Friendly team competition
Guided exercises on the go
Discover new content

How Fabulous Can Work For You

Create a specific wellness goal and we will help your team get there

Detailed Reporting to Ensure Results

Track your employees’ progress and ensure your company goals are met with our monthly reports.

Enhanced Company Culture

Build a positive energetic working culture and improve employee retention with Fabulous for Work.

Customer Success

  Tell us what behavior changes you want within your organization and we will help you get there.  

Quick & Easy Rollout

Focus on building a successful business while we take care of the heavy lifting.

Customized Internal Marketing

To meet company goals, we can help your employees navigate Fabulous and share best practices.

Personalized Self-Care

Endless opportunities for your employees to accomplish their individual and personal goals.

"Working with Fabulous has been great. Not only are we seeing a transformation in our corporate culture that reflects healthier and more productive employees, but they were just easy to work with! Highly recommended!"
Daniela - Head of HR at Jobsity

"Sounds like such a small thing, but the Fabulous app reminds me to drink water every morning. It's had an oddly calming effect, to the point where my anxiety has subsided. Later learned drinking too much sugar contributes to increased anxiety levels, so big thanks to Fab for switching me onto water."
Alex - Jobsity Employee
"Fabulous has been a lifesaver! I used to weigh over 200lbs...I went to nutritionists and doctors but it always failed because I never had healthy enough habits to better myself. So when I got the fabulous app, I was able to get into a daily routine and build stronger habits over time! It's been a year and I've lost over 60lbs already!"
Mark - Jobsity Employee

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