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Make Mondays Something to Look Forward to

Provide your employees with tools that drive healthy & sustainable behavioral change

Office stress, lack of ability to focus and low energy levels are all factors in a loss of productivity and enthusiasm in the workplace. The United State alone loses $550M in productivity from depression and anxiety in the workplace, according to the World Health Organization. At Fabulous, we believe this should not be the case.

Customize your routines

Build Lasting Habits

Friendly team competition

Guided Exercises On The Go

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The Benefits of ‘Fabulous for Work’

Build healthy morning, afternoon and evening routines

24/7 Dedicated

We’re available anytime over phone or email!

Strong Company Culture

Everything we build is centered around enhancing happiness. This contributes to a healthier and more productive workforce.

Detailed Reporting & Quarterly Calls

  We help you track your employees’ progress so your company goals are met.  

Quick & Easy Rollout

We’ll take care of any heavy lifting, so you can focus on building a successful business.

Customized Internal Marketing

We tailor to your needs and communicate the best ways for your team to optimize Fabulous.

Personalized Self-Care

Your employees will have endless options to help them accomplish their individual goals.

Win the Morning! Win the Day!

A solid morning routine is the basis for personal and professional success.
Build a strong foundation for your people and your business to thrive on!
“I wish I knew how to express what great guidance Fabulous has given me. It not only provided pathways to wellbeing but outlined each habit.”
“Fabulous has superbly enhanced my life and wellbeing. I have dabbled in multiple Journeys... they all seem wonderful and each has helped me in many ways with the skills that I need to cope and concentrate.”
“I want everyone to live a better life and the Fabulous is a perfect guide to get there. Every day I wake up at five in the morning and do things that make my days so much better and more productive. My life has begun improving on all fronts and I’m so thankful!”
“I've always been driven and ambitious, but I didn't know how to channel and sustain that energy. Fabulous has helped me develop exercise habits and deep work habits that keep me energized and focus throughout the day.”
“No other apps, whether it's a habit tracker, meditation app or exercising app, comes even close to Fabulous in regards of improving my general wellbeing.”
“The Fabulous has given me the tools and support in order to finally tip the scale to start living a whole different life.”

In just 8 weeks of using the Fabulous...

80% of people build a new sticky morning routine
This is where you’ll see the biggest transformation in your employees
Build 8 transformative
keystone habits

Building keystone habits improves the likelihood of lasting behavior change
Increase the likelihood of building new habits by 35%
See how fast your employees adopt a healthier routine with the power of behavior science

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