Yes. Do I really need only protein in my breakfast? Carbs aren’t equally necessary? Thanks!

Sonja Z.
Protein is what makes you feel satiated, that is fuller for longer. Without it you will more than likely feel hungry again by mid morning. Carbs are important for energy but a combination of the 2 will give you energy and keep you going all morning

Gavin Z.
Depending on what you want, I eat mainly fat and protein, so I do the same for my breakfast
If you get along well with carbs, go ahead and eat them for breakfast too

Amalie Z.
You want to have a balanced breakfast. Protein (egg or egg whites), a source of complex carbs (whole wheat toast or oatmeal), and fat (whole egg, reduced fat cream cheese for your toast). If you are hitting the gym afterwards add a source of simple carbs (a piece of fruit or a tea spoon of honey)

Clarence S.
Hello, whoever this is. Carbs are important, but you need to make sure you balance it with proteins. Carbs may satisfy yourself hunger quicker than proteins, but proteins satisfy your hunger longer do you don’t have snack cravings in between meals. It’s ok to eat carbs though and remember, never ever eat things that don’t make you, or your stomach, happy. Have a blessed Fabulous day!

August E.
Both of them are important. You need protein to build muscle and cartilage, but from carbs you get energy, so try to eat balanced breakfast with good and healthy amount of both of them. 🙂

Dwight U.
Yes, a breakfast full of protein is enough for the day. It prevents you from fatigue and keeps you active the whole morning.

Bella E.
I believe the app suggest to eat more proteins in the morning because usually people eat mainly carbs and fat. Nobody said ONLY proteins, they say MORE proteins.

Emilia O.
I would strive to have as much protein first. Carbs are ok…just not a lot! Try to get at least half your body weight in grams of protein in a day! You will notice a difference

Felecia P.
Carbs are necessary in general for your diet but carbs burn faster than protein. Best breakfast is eggs as the protein will fuel your whole day instead of burning out mid day

Kamil N.
Id say it depends. It is important to have a complex sugar and fiber of sorts, so it could be veggie or carb based. If carb based it's good to opt for oatmeal, hot cereal that is whole grain, or a whole apple.

Terrance U.
Carbs are good too! Just don’t over do it or focus on them. Protein will keep you feeling fuller for longer and give you more fuel to move and think. Of course carbs do this too, but you mainly get a short burst (an hour) of high energy from the sugar. Then after this you will start to feel hungry again. Pairing protein with a little fat and a little carbs is your best bet (if you can’t live without bread like me!). It’s super easy! Think, scrambled egg/omelet, with some veggies fried in, on a slice of whole meal toast 👍🏻
Well done for getting this far and let’s keep going 🤗

Louanne Y.
Proteins are important for your breakfast. Not only does it fill you up faster but it also keeps your body’s momentum going throughout the day. For some people having carbs strictly in the morning (oats and not a bagel or toast) helps sustain them through the day. I personally do both but do what works for you and leaves you feeling fuller for longer.

Haraldo Q.
Carbs provide short term more immediate energy (they burn off quickly) whereas protein will last longer. A protein and carb breakfast works best because the carbs will give you more immediate energy and the protein will sustain it longer!

Rafael Q.
Well, for as much as i know, the reason for this is that protein keeps you full for longer and helps you with keeping your muscles while carbs give you the energy you need, so in terms of benefits you could say protein is more important and is something that is rather more difficult to get than carbs which you could find pretty much anywhere, so you can still get on the carbs but it's better to prioritize the protein best.