What’s a good breakfast that will give me a lot of energy and keep me full?

Ronnie E.
Depends. On your weight height and body shape. Usually for me, i eat a salad made with tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, peppers and green salad. Or a few slices of bread with avocado and garlic
Herman Y.
A complex protein like oatmeal. Or a breakfast that includes several food groups and whole foods, like eggs, toast and fruit. Avoid sugary pastries and cereals as they will have you feeling hungry again much sooner.
Maria W.
Good breakfast is with nutritious food like my current fav of quinoa puff with fruits and soy milk, paired with great company like my family
Marcus C.
Frozen breakfast burritos are quickly becoming a favorite. They can be customized however you want, and you only have to make them about once a week. They're healthy, quick, and filling. Overnight oats are also a favorite, however you have to prepare them every night for the next day. These can also be customized however you want, and make a good substitute for whenever you're tired of eating burritos. These dont last quite as long though, and if you dont really like eating super cold things, take a while to get used to.
Lorenzo X.
What i do is make a fruit smoothie, ( melon,kiwi,cantolope,pineapple and some half a banana ) i cook a egg ( cause with 1 your full for atleast 4 – 5 hours) and make a grilled cheese sandwich
Christin Y.
A breakfast full of good protein. For example I enjoy oatmeal made with 1% milk with peaches and almonds. Eggs are also one of my go-to breakfast options with banana and a glass of 1% milk.
Ben C.
My favourite breakfast is smashed avocado on wholemeal pitta bread. I mix the avocado with coriander,chilli flakes, a squeeze of lime and sprinkle with a seed mix. YUM!
Alma W.
I like doing the slim fast and then mid morning doing a banana and peanut butter. The slim fast gets me going and the snack holds me off from temptations
Valentina N.
I’ve never been one to eat breakfast in the mornings. But after starting this challenge, I’ve been taking it very small. I will normally eat an apple with some peanut butter. Or lately it’s been a banana and a bowl of plain oatmeal. Even though it’s something small, I have noticed a difference in my energy level. I’ve been wanting to actually get stuff done and not want to go take a nap at 11 o’clock in the afternoon (I really enjoy my naps 😁)
Kuehn N.
2/3 scrambled eggs with mushroom / chives parsley / spinach or what you like onions and tomatoes , a piece of bread or few small pieces of potatoes / sweet or white , delicious fried too or less calories healthy option: 2 boiled eggs with brown toast or bread of your choice ! ; a bowl of joghurt with fruits and chiaseeds and spices of your choice ! These are all very healthy and slow energy release breakfasts ! A banana and a large cup of coffee with cream or coconut milk also go a long way ! Good luck ! no sugar , less flour products is better !
Allison Y.
For me, two slices of any type of “Food for Life” breads such as “Genesis” or “Ezekiel” (made from sprouted grains), hummus and an egg works really well.
Ricardo H.
If you're okay with eggs here a suggestion.

Crack 2 eggs into a bowl and dunk a slice of bread into the eggs.
Then cook on a pan until golden brown on both sides.
If you want you can also have scrambled eggs with the egg toastie.

The best thing about this recipe is that you don't need to add salt 🙂
Try this with a hot drink of your choice.