What’s a trick you have to regularly eat a good breakfast even if you’re in a hurry?

Khanya N.
Carry more fruit around with you honey. Those tea breads and that coffee aren’t good for you anyway. Always carry the resources with you to make a handy fruit salad whenever

Amberlily T.
I usually make sure i make another time to be able to prepare a good breakfast but just incase i always put a banana and a packet of nuts in my bag the night before for emergency and if i don’t eat them at breakfast i’ll just eat them at lunch instead!

Caren C.
I'm going to put it quite simply and just say this: Never compromise on getting an adequate breakfast just because you're in a rush. Self care cannot be rushed and you must always put yourself first.

Livia O.
A bowl of cereal is known to be quick for breakfast. A peanut butter/jelly sandwich is also quick. Protein bars and other snacks, that are rich in vitamins and nutritions, from the store, is also quick. Especially, if you are in a hurry.

Tristan U.
Having things like oatmeal, eggs and the ingredients for a smoothie (nut milk, protein powder, frozen fruit, Greek yogurt) on standby: they don’t spoil quickly. They are easy and quick to make and eat. Aside from the oatmeal, they can be eaten on the go.

Allexia Y.
According to my opinion, if you don't have so much time during g the morning, you can prepare your breakfast meal the day before, maybe before going to bed, for example a cold meal such as muesli with a lean yoghurt and some fruits. You can put it I to the fridge the evening and when you wake up it is already prepared so the only thing you have to do is enjoy your fabulous breakfast with a smile on your face 🙂

Ninon T.
Have it ready to get. Set it up at night and make it easy to grab on the go or make it an easy breakfast like a boiled egg and an avocado. Something simple.

Lily Rosiee N.
Well when I used to eat breakfast and I knew I’d be rushed I used to prepare night before by making the muesli cups and taking out of fridge

Be Ta N.
One such trick would be to prepare your breakfast ahead of time, for example, the previous evening. You could try making “overnight oats”, and add something protein-packed into the meal, since oats and fruits are mostly carbohydrates, albeit healthy sources of carbohydrates.

I hope this helps. 🙂

Hannelore F.
If I'm at work, I know I will be in a hurry so I prepare my breakfast the night before. The consists of a glass of water and some overnight oats. If you make them with natural yoghurt, it is something that you can eat on your commute. If it's my day off, I have more time to eat breakfast so I will then make toast or prepare some eggs.

Es Y.
Have breakfast already made so I don’t have to worry about it in the morning rush! For me, that means baking a large batch of healthy muffins as my breakfast and my partner’s snack

N Thingimp Rtant N.
Make sure you have good healthy options that are quick to grab and eat on the go like a breakfast bar. And a little preparation goes a long way.

Marissa Y.
It doesn’t have to be a grand plate of egg etc… a healthy granola/energy bar or trail mix is still an option for a great breakfast when time is an issue. So is an apple.

Ausendo E.
In order to eat breakfast even if I’m in a hurry, I sometimes pack it in a container, lunch box, napkin, etc. This way I can eat it on my way there. It doesn’t have to be a big breakfast meal, just something with enough protein to kickstart your day.

Danny U.
Take some food that are easily to prepair like oatmeal, cereal, bread, etc. But I still prefer oatmeal with fruits and I also make milk for my drinks since I don't like coffee

Jeannette Z.
I am always at a rush but what I do to be able to eat breakfast is by how I first get all the ingredients whatever to make my breaks fast then start to change and do that stuff and somehow I always now eat breakfast everyday!
I am not that good at explaining but I hope this helped

Carl E.
I always prepare ingredients the night before breakfast, so I can get ready quickly on mornings. But if I already know the next day I will be in a terrible hurry, I always choose cereals and fruits for the next day, which are easier to be portioned and need no cook.

Nick N.
Possibly: wake up early, so you can take your time to prepare and enjoy a delicious breakfast
Plan B (or: plan A variation for when you’re in a hurry): make your meal portable and prepare it before going to bed

Jaque Q.
I often eat bananas with Thai Coconut Milk and ground flax seed or I bake a sweet potato the night before and warm it the next day. I preboil eggs so that they are on hand or whip up a collagen protein smoothie on occasion. Very quick and easy.

Laura F.
Keep easy stuff around. I usually keep boiled eggs and fruit around. Some people meal prep on days off so they have quick healthy options. Maybe keep breakfast bars or something in a few locations, just in case. In your car or desk drawer etc. What makes a breakfast good can be somewhat subjective, so it can adapt to your needs.

Sharon F.
To be honest, my mom and I make breakfast together in the morning and pack it with us. But you could also find whole grain bars filled with some kinda fruit/berries which you can pack and eat a few in the morning till you can have proper food

Lara A.
I usually try to wake up an hour earlier to make breakfast and enjoy my morning however, if I’m running late I grab something quick to eat on my way or if you want a filling breakfast and you’re in a hurry you can always meal prep your meals.