What are your favorite Great Breakfast meals?

Hannah R.
Oatmeal with bananas, apples, and a dash of honey and cinnamon. I also eat yogurt mixed with granola, or scrambled eggs with turkey bacon
Turquoise T.
Typically naturel yogurt with lots of raspberry jam and strawberry müsli. 😋 Don’t know if I can write questions back, but what’s yours? 🙂
Joel X.
Glad to resaive your question✨
For me the best thing to eat for breakfast is eggs ,whole grain bread , some slices of your favorite cheese olives and whatever you like of vegetables
This breakfast gives your body everything it needs
Carbohydrates, healthy fats and protein and a lot of vitamins
Abigail E.
I really like to have waffles with strawberry’s on top. But the healthier option is a bagel thin with cream cheese. And I something will put some scrambled eggs on top of that. It’s bussin.