What do you eat after a morning workout?

Eleonora E.
after a strength training i like to eat some protein! my go to after workout snack is greek yogurt with some fruit and honey. some other times i like to eat just fruit. and of course a lot of water!
Julia C.
I would eat something high in protein like eggs or bacon and something with carbs to to reload your energy like toast or some sort of breakfast bar
Mike F.
How do y'all incorporate super foods or vegetables in your breakfasts? Also, what are some quick and healthy breakfasts for before a workout or before school?
Benedikt F.
something light but also filling, mostly something that my body asks for, mixing in a bit of protein to create a balanced nourishing meal
Lena Q.
I usually listen to my body and ask myself what I want to have. If I want something savory it's usually scrambled eggs or a burrito and if I want something sweet it's oats, baked oats or protein french toast. Even when I'm not hungry after a workout I try to eats to fuel my body for the day
Ralph U.
I usually eat before i do my morning workout, yoga. But if i were to eat after a workout it would be light. full of veggies and protein.
Phoebe T.
I don’t workout, only I wish I did. I’m trying to motivate myself to, and I will achieve what I want to by doing so, including working out every day.
Jaclyn Z.
I've been focusing on eating more protein after working out. I can't eat before, or I'll die. But, I've been incorporating more healthy fats like avocados, eating eggs, and a fruit for recovery.
Lilou P.
On the Weekend, I eat bread and eggs. On the Weekdays, I eat a quick breakfast like a smoothie or sometimes bread and toast