At what time is it best to have breakfast?

Mathias T.
7:50am on a weekday so that I have ten minutes to eat and scroll through my phone or watch the news, then I’ll meet my friends at our meeting place to walk to school. At the weekend I usually have a short lie in then go downstairs and chill out then have my breakfast so usually around 8:45-10:00 depending on the day
Lily A.
Before you are going to do something. Just so u have some energy and maybe u dont have to do something until 3 om then u can eat something at 1 pm if youd like. I would recommend when u get out of bed u put on some comfortable clothes eat something and get ready for the day.
Ky U.
I believe that the best time to have breakfast is an hour after any workout/exercise that you do. I find that eating an hour after working out in the morning has been a relaxing way to wind down, and refuel the body.
I say an hour because I want my body to transition from "blood pumping" to calm, and I have noticed that if I eat too soon after, I am still sweating and pumped up.
Since I am not a traditional breakfast eater, I how also found I am less likely to be hungry during the day. It feels less like a chore and more like something that is required- getting back those nutrients that was lost!
Ai N.
After waking up, changing to workout clothes and drinking water. Usually around 7 or 8 am but I’m trying to wake up earlier and start my routine at 5 or 4 am.. hope that helped!
La Shay Y.
I like to eat breakfast about 2 hours after I wake up. I drink at least 4oz of water as soon as my eyes open to get my system moving, about 2 hours gives my body a chance to kinda warm up I guess and need the fuel I'm giving it also gives me time to prepare for my day and to make a healthy choice.
Marijana C.
At 7:30 am. You woke up, had a nice, big glass of water, washed your face, did all your morning routines and are ready to enjoy your meal and experience it fully, woth every bite you take.
Ninna Z.
Hey stranger, I would appreciate every advice that you can give. Regarding books, exercise, breakfast or something else. Thank you 🙂
Ninna Z.
It depends on when you wake up. I usually wake up at 6 and I eat breakfast at 7. That way I'm not hungry in school. At least not untill noon 🙂
Emile E.
I prefer having breakfast at 8 am after I exercise (yoga or dances). But sometimes I have breakfast a little bit earlier or later. It depends on different cases.
Anna G.
I think the best time to have breakfast is best determined by the individual. The time that works best with my body is about 30 minutes after I wake up and after I have had my water for the morning.
Diana N.
I usually have breakfast 30mins after i wake up since that is when i get hungry, it also lets me complete other things like doing my bed or a quick shower etc.
Emil U.
I would say to eat breakfast 30 minutes after you wake up. For you have time to stretch a bit and full wake up to truly enjoy your meal, rather than just eating it.
Marvin O.
I suppose an hour after waking up. I am not hungry first thing in the morning. I usually start to feel hungry at about 10am
Jessie E.
8:00 a.m. After you finish your morning run, you should shower then have a healthy breakfast to get started on your day. This should, of course, follow your own schedule. If you'd prefer eating breakfast before starting on your run, then you do you. Whatever makes you comfortable. Eating breakfast at 8:00 a.m. is just my opinion. Hope this helps! Also, I'm happy you exist and continue being you because you're the best that you can be 🙂