What is the quickest meal to prepare that holds enough nutrients and calories to make it to a late lunch?

Randall F.
Try a high fiber cereal or granola with milk and a fruit like a banana, apple or orange. You can even slice some fruit and put it directly in the cereal. A balanced meal will keep you more full than just one item.
Sara E.
Oatmeal with dried fruits in it, and almond milk.

Alternatively a hardboiled egg and a single piece of sourdough toast, and a piece of fruit

Todd U.
Peanut butter, jelly & banana sandwich. Nuts are very filling so using chunky peanut butter is a must, I’m a sucker for sweet jam but I’ve substituted fruit spread for a healthier lower sugar alternative and slice whatever you can fit in between for the banana And just eat the rest.
Elzbieta E.
What works best to last a long morning is a breakfast that has nutrients that take longer to digest, such as protein. A good and healthy breakfast to go for when you wanna make it to a late lunch would be some eggs, maybe some oatmeal or whole grain bread, some nuts and fruits, or if you still feel a little hungry or snacky afterwards, some nuts will do the trick for a quick and not too filling snack that will ruin your lunch.
Wendy S.
Oats. You can also make them beforehand and let sit in the fridge overnight , but I prefere them 'freshly' made. You can also make a quick omelet.
Janet J.
I like 1/2 oatmeal with a couple tablespoons of sugar free jam added. That along with some egg whites and a cup of coffee will fuel me for most of the day.
Brad P.
I think a banana or an apple. But, you don't really prepare them. In my opinion, the quickest for me to prepare is some over easy eggs and an apple.
Art J.
I’d suggest a salad, but make sure you get enough of all food groups in it – veggies, beans, some protein (tofu, chicken, tuna, etc), maybe even throw in some pasta/ (sweet) potatoes.. Definitely quick and easy and can help you get rid of some leftovers. I try not to overdo it on the dressing, just a light drizzle of olive oil.
Ed P.
Personally, I eat a serving of oatmeal and a chobani Greek yogurt with granola. If I'm really hungry, I'll add a piece of toast or fresh fruit.
Teresa J.
If you can cook, Omelette with some veggies.
If not, yogurt+oats+nuts+some fruits(banana, apple..)
If still too much time, prepare some protein bars night ahead.
Cherly U.
Several answers to this one.
For me, a fast can get me through to a late lunch feeling pretty amazing, but if you're not in to fasting, here are some of my favorites:
1. Fried eggs (3 for me) in butter.
2. A tub of cottage cheese (250 grams) and 4-5 rice crackers.
3. A repeat of your evening meal using leftovers.
Abel Z.
oats!! they're rich in fibre and carbs so they'll keep you full for a long time. try different ways of preparing them by adding different fruits for sweetness and nuts for healthy fats. you could make savory oats as well that are just as delicious. enjoy!!!
Yvonne U.
Home made granola with yogurt and berries.
Roast almonds, cashews, raisins etc and keep in air tight jar. Put some yogurt in a cup pour some granola, a little honey to taste and berries as you like. Enjoy the great power breakfast
Daniel U.
Maybe a big bowl of overnight oats. I usually make mine with organic oatmeal (so it doesn’t give me cancer), bananas/blueberries, chia seeds, and some nonfat milk. I just throw it together in a bowl and put it in the fridge the night before. Then, I have instant breakfast the next day.
Thea P.
Mine is to have cooked diced potatoes and scrambled eggs. I put them in a bowl and eat them together. I may have an orange as a side too.
Silke B.
Smoothie based on: strawberries (or any other fruits you like), yogurt (or milk, any kind of plant milk), chia, oatmeal, and any kind of nuts
Marianne U.
You will have to prepare the night before, but fridge oats are wonderful. They give you enough energy and keep you full until lunch. You should supplement the dish with some sort of fruit if you are having a late lunch.
Caroline P.
I’m thinking plain oatmeal with a piece of fresh fruit. Make sure the oatmeal doesn’t have any added sugar. Hope that helps 😀
Tilly U.
Oatmeal with chia seeds and fresh fruit and a boiled egg can be prepared the night before. That seems super nutritious, filling, and fast.
Gildo Z.
I strugled for a long time to find a breakfast that wouldn't make me take a mid-morning snack that in the end made me overeat, and what I discovered was that my breakfast was full of sugar and that is a great way to boost a lot of energy for a short amout of time but to make it to a late lunch it can't have that much sugar. So what I eat nowadays that works beautifuly is to get a bowl and put muesli, yogurt, and fruit toguether and that has more carbs and fat and not as mutch sugar allowing for a prolonged feeling of feeling well fed and in turn to resist eating up until lunch. This combination of ingredients is really easy to put toghether and you can do similar meals with other ingredients but in my understanding as long as the sugar is low and carbs and fat are a little higher you feel satisfied for a longer period of time.
Denise F.
Oatmeal with fruits and nuts really carries me throughout the day, even if I have a late lunch. I make sure to use wholesome ingredients like whole milk or almond milk and honey or coconut sugar
Charlie Z.
In five minutes you can have a good omelette and a large Apple for breakfast. If you do a little bit of rough work and I before you can diced vegetables to put in your element. Then I have to do is crack eggs whisk and cook your omelette.
Felix C.
I do overnight oats, 1 cup of oats, a little bit of cinnamon and a tablespoon of vanilla extract, add a 2 tablespoons of milk (or almond milk 😋), stir, add 1 cup yogurt, tablespoon of peanut butter if you like, drizzle with honey, top it off with your favorite fruits (cherry, berries, bananas etc) and nuts. I eat this as soon as I arrive at work, usually keeps me full till 1:30-2. Easy to prep in a mason jar the night before, takes less than 5 minutes.
Alizee Y.
For the quickest, I always go for eggs. I don't really like omelettes, so I make everything with scrambled eggs. If I have ham or even a hotdog, I cut them and put them in the pan first, same with veggies, to get them brown a little, then add the beaten eggs and mix. If you are not a morning person (as I am), it is best to cut your veggies and ham the night before. That way you just need to heat the pan and beat the eggs 🙂 some fruit with that will also keep you full for a longer time, but during the day, until late lunch, have some nuts and seeds ready as well as fruits for snacks. Avoid chocolate bars and fizzy drinks as they hold you up for a short while, then you just crave more food.
Coline T.
I've been putting hot water (extremely so) in a glass Tupperware with a lid so the oatmeal cooks itself while I'm doing whatever. Easy peasy. I've also been adding a bit of couscous for its nutrients.
Edgar Q.
Unfortunately I do not cook my food. I buy bread with cheese and chicken and eat it with quick cappuccino. However I highly recommend watching Pick Up Lime channel on YouTube for quite, nutritious and healthy meals (vegetarian meals)