If you’re in a hurry and running late in the morning what’s the best go-to breakfast you’ll whip up in the morning?

Horst G Nter Y.
I’m pretty terrible at cooking and being consistent. I’m the type of person to procrastinate and say “oh it takes too much time I’ll just eat later!” And then I never have breakfast. Plus, every time I do see breakfast they’re usually these deliciously plated meals with pancakes and crepes and toast… and I’m honestly too lazy to take the time out of my day to do that.

What I would recommend is just do the most basic meal possible. Two sunny side up eggs with either some bread (doesn’t have to be toasted) or rice! If you have fruits available, add them as well! Just mostly get as much fresh nutrients as possible in the morning to energize yourself.

Good luck 🙂

Annamarie F.
I don't particularly like eating breakfast and it's hard to eat that much in the morning. I tend to, if anything, only eat a protein bar or bowl of yogurt for 'breakfast.'