What do you make for breakfast on weekends?

Livio O.
Mostly eggs and cheese. If I find toast I eat it with peanut butter or fried eggs. But today I had فطير with kiri labena cheese and a mug of ginger milk
Nick Z.
Toasted bread, mashed avocado, one egg (fried or boiled). Sometimes I als o add a slice of emmental and deli meat (turkey).
Sara W.
I am a realist and understand the importance of routine. While many break a routine on the weekends, I keep it, including what I eat for breakfast. The most I will do is variations. Oatmeal or eggs will not vary, only what I add to the oatmeal or how I fix the eggs. That is what is going to keep me fabulous!
Christoffer W.
It depends most of the time I sleep in till 11 or 12 so I have either brunch or just lunch. And it depends how I feel. But I usually eat 2 meals in one
Claas G.
If the kids are home usually make/buy something small and easy such as cinnamon rolls or donuts. Usually dont eat if they are not ho.e.
Heather U.
Food that is protein packed but on the sweeter side. Eggs and fruit, instead of toast. Or roasted nuts. It'll be lighter for when you're not as active but also rewarding. You made it to the weekend!
Nolhan Q.
I like to get up and cook before my husband wakes up. Sometimes I’ll splurge and make pancakes or orange rolls but usually I do some combination of eggs, fruit, toast, bacon, or some kind of egg casserole.
Sarah N.
Usually I make eggs and toast. I don’t like scrambled eggs, but fried eggs are delicious and wonderful for dipping the toast. Fried eggs generally have around 6 grams of protein, and the bread is use is whole wheat. I also use real butter on my toast to obtain healthy fats. It’s a wonderful breakfast to start the day and only takes a few minutes to make!
Taimara A.
Scrambled egg with turmeric and a pinch of garam Masala accompanied with avocado usually is my go to breakfast on the weekend. I also have protein pancakes and crepes depending if I'm exercising that day.
Scar E.
I keep my same routine as during the week in the mornings, I just wake up a little later. So for breakfast, I have green tea and oatmeal. In my oatmeal I add almonds, dried cranberries, clove, cinnamon and honey.
Tommy Z.
Generally as per me you should make same breakfast you make on weekdays. In that way you won't dislike the weekday breakfast. A little twist to make weekend interesting doesnt hurt but make sure to keep it a little healthy. There is no cheat day for life.
Lia C.
I have been eating a simple, light breakfast every day for a few weeks. I’m diabetic so I am avoiding cereal, including oatmeal. I have fresh or canned fruit plus a protein. Today I had mandarin oranges with slivered almonds.
Hadrien Q.
Zucchini, sweet potatoes, ground turkey, onions —all cooked with ketchup. Then top with eggs sunny side up and bacon crumbles.
Jake T.
I make some pancakes or a sandwhich with jam and cheese
Eddie Z.
Being a college student, most of my breakfast choices are pretty simple. I have an early work shift on weekends, so my meal of choice is something quick and easy, usually oatmeal and a cup of tea
Jessica F.
I make oatmeal in the evening before bedtime then put it in the fridge for breakfast the next day. I also prepare 5 boiled eggs. Immediately after waking up I drink one glass of water. Your body is dehydrated after a nights rest so it needs to hydrate and kickstart your organs. Oatmeal is a slow release carb, which means you will have loads of energy for longer as it releases the energy. Egg whites are a perfect protein source, but I recommend only one egg yolk a day as this comprises of unwanted fat.
Harry W.
I tend to make fresh coffee (good for your liver). Then some brown toast with a protein of some sort. Bacon, sausage peanut butter. Then I try to nibble on a banana.
Jessie Y.
Usually a health sandwich. A cream cheese basil pesto spread with tomatoes, lettuce, cheese and some times a bit of chicken. I also use my faorite bread not just plain old wheat bread. I try to spice thing up in my life and add a little luxury. As weird as it sounds. But i try to do things for myself once in a while.