What do you eat when you are in a big hurry?

Sander Z.
I usually grab a granola bar, or an easy waffle from the freezer. If I have trail mix on hand I scarf down a handful of that too. I usually have coffee or a tea made, so that usually constitutes a large part of my breakfast.
Judy S.
I eat a green apple or microwaveable breakfast burritos if I have any. Sometimes a banana is also an option if I have them, but I don’t often buy them.
Filippa Z.
Best strategy is to be prepared in advance. You may boil and egg the night before and just put it in the container with a slice of bread. You may eat it during your commute if you don't drive. I can recommend a handful of unsalted nuts and some fruits like apples or pears. Keep an "Emergency" meal container of nuts and fruits in the fridge for when you need to grab and go.
Sammy P.
Avoid situations like this. Preparing my meals helps me a lot. (Whey shake, almonds, fruit or rice with vegetables and chicken…)
Lucas U.
I like to have some sort of tree nut in my car or work bag, so when I get a snack urge, I have some almonds ready to satisfy that urge.

There are these almond butter granola cups made by Nature Valley that are very good and high in nutrients.


Randall J.
I often prepare my food in advance. So I always have something to just grab out of The refrigerator

I recommend to eat some leftovers if you hav any😅☺️

Same F.
I Always have a lunchbox, Keep some of Them in the freezer att work. If I am " om the run", i buy a protein drink, some nuts or a bananas.
Maybe an boiled egg, from the fridge.
Lance O.
I usually have a big bowl of fruit when I'm late, But if you only have 15 min, I suggest to take an apple and a banana with you and eat it on the way. And maybe latter get yourself a nice breakfast.
Goof luck
Kristine J.
I only do this if my schedule doesn’t give me time to eat. Believe me, I try to avoid this whenever possible. I worked in tv news as a videographer for almost 20yrs, and if you don’t eat on the go, you won’t eat. I don’t do that job anymore, so I try to avoid it and follow my mom’s rules to slow down and “savor the flavor.”
Oliver C.
I eat one or two Kirkland Nut Bars from Costco. They have 14 grams of carbohydrates and 7 grams of fiber, for 7 net carbs.
Beatrice X.
Whatever is easiest. Examples: pasta, chicken strips, sweet potato fries, granola bars, muffins, fruit, peanut butter on toast, cereal, yogurt and granola,…
Nora N.
I really try not to get in a situation where I am in too much hurry to eat, not healthy for me. But I do try to at least have a banana on me on times it happens.
Charly E.
I figure out when I tend to be in the biggest hurry. For me it's in the mornings on weekdays when I have to get ready to leave and drive an hour for work. So I prepare food ahead of time. Usually the best is something that can be warmed up in the microwave quickly without taking away from the breakfast.
Mathys Y.
I make a simple protien shake that's vegan and had no added sugars. I decided when I'm in a rush picking heathy food options is still very important! if I don't have time to make a shake then I will grab crackers apples and peanut butter. I can't eat dairy otherwise I would select cheese. This is something new I've just started but it really helps when I don't have time to prepare a nutritious meal. Doing meal prep the day before also really helps get the heathy food in my diet. I also buy a whole chicken and will just cut a couple pieces of chicken off, put it in a container and take it with me to work. Hope that helps, it can be hard sometimes.
Janina U.
Fruit a bar or maybe some cereal.Go to the store and get some chips and dip.or just anything you could eat quickly that is somewhat healthy.
Layla P.
I might make a quick smoothie with almond milk, spinach, protein powder (whey protein isolate as first ingredient), frozen mixed berries. Then I bring it in the car and drink it on the way to my next engagement. It only takes about five min and gives you all the essentials to power through.
Priscilla T.
When im in a rush i eat fast food, fried things, noodles even when im not hungry. I drink coffee, i really havent been in a rush for a while
Wesley E.
Bananas are great! Not a big believer in granola bars or really anything packaged as they make me bloat. Fruits are always the way to go 🙂
Douglas Z.
I eat fruit. I make sure I always have a piece with me, so I’m not in the opportunity to go and find something unhealthy & delicious. I can bring the piece of fruit with me and eat it when it’a convenient – so I can enjoy it and not have to eat it in a hurry.
Christopher J.
– fruit
– Protein or oat bar which have the best ingredients as possible (no/low sugar, low sodium etc.) E.g. I really like the Bono’s oat bites
– buy a smoothie (not the sugary ones!)
– but still mealprep is key!! Be prepared to have healthy snacks handy at all times
Firmo Z.
I eat mindlessly. I have worse options during the drive home – usually fast food drive thru.

I have to find better PM snack and dinner routines.

Branka U.
I always like to have some pre-cooked hard boiled eggs in the refrigerator specifically for when I’m in a hurry. I will pair that with a banana and another piece of fruit or handful of roasted almonds (unsalted or lightly salted). Sometimes I’m having a major craving for carbs. In those instances, instead of the extra fruit or almonds, I’ll have a couple slices of whole wheat toast with either light butter or all fruit preserves.
Freja Z.
If I'm in a hurry then I try to do everything quicker. That's only if I haven't managed my time well enough. Best solution is not to be in a hurry in the first place.
Andy F.
I like to keep a protein shake or a Slimfast in my bag for times when I am in a hurry. A banana, a handful of nuts, or a spoon of peanut butter is good also. Finally, those packaged snacks of nuts, dried fruits, and cheese are easy to grab on the go if you keep them handy.
Hannchen O.
Plain Greek yogurt with granola, frozen blueberries and a small handful of nuts. Less than one minute to put this together. Buy fresh blueberries when on sale, Freeze them on a cookie sheet and bag. Ready to rinse and eat.
Mikkel C.
Find a salad bar somewhere, failing that a sandwich (wholegrain bread and minimal dressing) and some fruit usually do the trick.
Magarete F.
Depends on the time of day but recently, I’ve been keeping a supply of those cutie oranges (seedless+easy to peel) in sight. They satisfy my sweet cravings and taste so fresh and the extra Vitamin C is great in winter. My boyfriend likes to have a baggie of toasted almonds, sunflower & pumpkin seeds, and raisins, since he prefers less sweet tastes.
Joshua Q.
Typically for quick meals: breakfast I’ll grab a larabar, for lunch I’ll have some hummus with carrot chips, and for dinner I’ll have some form of protein like a summer sausage or some mixed nuts.
Liana E.
Protein bars a lot of the time, but I try to have boiled eggs in the fridge and other easy-but-healthy pre-prepared food. Trying to avoid too much packaged food.
Victoria Z.
Wanneer ik haast heb eet ik meestal niks. Maar als ik echt heeeel veel honger heb mischien iets van chocola of n banaan licht er aan waar ik zin in heb
Kelly C.
Apple sauce and a banana for breakfast, deli macaroni and cheese or a sandwich for lunch, rice cooker chicken rice with steamed veggies or spaghetti with salad for dinner
Mary J.
I’ll either eat 3/4 cup Oatmeal or a Plant Protein Shake That has 2 scoops with 1 cup of water or 20 calorie plant based almond milk