What’s your go-to breakfast when in a time crunch?

Dani W.
Leftover fried or roasted vegetables from the night before, or two eggs if I'm not being vegan. Something with fat and protein to keep me full and slow to absorption of caffeine

Angelina W.
I either have fruit like an apple or banana. Or I even sometimes just have applesauce or a bar because I can just grab and eat it on the way and my stomach is always in knots when I am rushed in the morning so it’s light enough to not make me feel sick

Amy N.
I like to an oat bar and a banana or corn thins with some almond butter just something I can grab super quickly. Also sometimes the night before I make overnight oats that I can just grab and go

Valentina N.
I always try to make overnight oats the night before. So the only thing I have to do in the morning is putting the toppings, like banana, blueberries.

Izzy B.
If I don't have much time, I like getting a bowl of cereal. If I have a bit more time, I make a bagel with butter on it. With an ideal amount of time, I make myself egg sandwiches or french toast

Thouraya N.
I bought these smoothie things in a little bottle. They are really healthy and perfect for when you’re in a rush. Then you can just drink it on your way to work, school or where you need to go!

Alexandre T.
Toast with ricotta cheese + a banana. Almost no preparation involved, and easy to take with you (so you can even eat in your car)

Stephanie Z.
What I like to do is on Sundays I make 5 days worth of overnight oats in small jars that way all I have to do during the week is either warm it up in the microwave or eat it cold on the go. There are a ton of great overnight oats recipes online and so many different ways to make them that you can't get tried of them!! The possibility are endless! On the rare occasion when I don't have any premade I keep easy Grab & Go fruit, like bananas, low carb protein bars and low carb protein smoothies in my kitchen to grab so I can still have a healthy breakfast. I hope that I was able to help! Good luck!

Michail U.
Usually it would egg and avo toast or a yogurt bowl or even some oat meal but if I'm out on such meals then just eat what's there honestly. But don't forget to always drink water first thing when you wake up

Laura N.
Usually if I’m in a hurry I just grab a banana or a protein bar, sometimes i spice it up with a quick bowl of cereal, I try to always eat breakfast tho, so I usually make sure I have time for a proper one since it’s the most important meal if the day!