Can you drink coffee with breakfast?

Elia E.
Yes, but I don't do that very often because milk or tea for example goes better with breakfast and coffee is for a little break in the afternoon.
Lara C.
Just coffee? No haha but you can definitely drink it with food! Food is super important especially in the morning when you are tired so it’s critical to get that energy from it. Sure coffee has caffeine but not nearly enough to keep you going until lunch can without a crash. Food however will keep you awake and energized for much longer! Plus food is good for you! 🥰
Jess O.
I can, we have a coffee maker but sadly when I'm headed to work I can't bring coffee with me. I don't have a thermos, but hopefully I can get one soon.
Mille W.
I think that you can but sometimes caffeine has side-effects. Try to cut down a bit or try to replace it with some black tea or matcha.
Katherine C.
it's probably best that you wait an hour after waking up to drink coffee cause otherwise your body start to rely on it. But if you really like coffee (like myself) consider a decaffeinated option.
Ira U.
absolutely yas, where I live, in Italy, almost everyone drinks (homemade) espresso at breakfast. If you want something more like Starbucks every morning it's fine too mut don't make it too shugary
Eric F.
I would only suggest fruits, veggies & water for breakfast. Although Black coffee is beneficial in its own way I’ve heard. Mmmm to each it’s own. Whatever gets you going do it just don’t overdo it.
T O U.
Coffee is not good with breakfast because caffeine withdrawal saps your energy later on in the day. However it may help your metabolism
Ang Le P.
I personally don't like coffee, so I drink tea. Although at breakfast I have water, since your body had been fasting all night drinking water in the morning is refreshing.
Luanna I.
I am not a specialist but I think yes(?) I drink coffee every morning to help me wake up and be active, but don't know of it's healthy, probably jis just in small quantities.
Hope I could help 🙂
Sorry for bad English.
Samara S.
I'm sure one can, I think the key is to enjoy the process of making the coffee, and taking time to enjoy it whenever possible. Though I'm more of a tea person myself, coffee in moderation can be good
Niccy Z.
I can drink coffee with breakfast. If i prolong eating, i will usually at least have a coffee to help wake me up and start my day.
Brandie U.
I can drink coffee with breakfast but it is definitely better for me that I don't. I cut caffeine out of my diet a long time ago realising it is a big contributor of anxiety and stress for me. Recently I have been struggling to wake up and gain clarity of mind and have the physical energy to get my day started and have had a weak coffee with breakfast on a couple of mornings. It does make me feel more energetic and alert but also very anxious and jittery and it is more nervous energy than helpful energy. So for me, no, coffee is something I should avoid.