How does your menu look for the whole day?

Benjamin W.
My menu is made mostly from some fruits and vegetables. I focus on being healthy and eat healthy unprocessed food. Sometimes I eat some chocolate. But not much, just a bit. And I drink a lot of water and a lot of coffee, so … yeah, I should probably focus on drinking less coffee, trying to eat the same amount of vegetables and keep it going this way:)
A B.
Had raspberries and some cheesy bread for breakfast. For lunch so left over cheeseburger casserole. Snack dried mushrooms. Finally for supper tonight baked chicken and a nice salad. Oh yeah lots of water it’s hot out.
Cassie O.
I just moved, so my house is a wreck and I won't be able to follow my normal routine! I work from 11-8, until then I am going to make tea, put on a nice outfit, and watch Friends. During work I will have about three 10 minute breaks during which I like to get up and stretch my legs since I work in a chair. A lot of times I will also get a snack oh, I like to eat lots of small things around the day how to keep my metabolism going and prevent myself from feeling hungry or week. At 8 when I get off work, I'll probably spend some time decompressing by doing some things I would usually prevent myself from doing, like scrolling Facebook or read it. I might also play on my 3DS for an hour. Then I'm going to go downstairs and put all of my books away on my bookshelf. Then if I still feel like working I'm going to break down all the cardboard boxes and fold them flat and find a place for them. Then if I still feel like working I'm going to try to find a way to put together the bathroom in the linen closet. if I even still feel like working, I'll try to put together the light for the game room and maybe even finish it off with some decorations if I can find a safe enough place to stand high up. After that I wait for my boyfriend to come home, he's an EMT he works in transport right now. She comes home around 10 and then one of us makes dinner while the other one of us hangs out and plays or we both make dinner together. Then we eat and watch something. Lately we've been watching Downton Abbey But tonight we might finish this movie we started called a rabid, it's by David Cronenberg. We both love a good horror movie, especially older, and this one is from 1977. My bedtime ritual comes around midnight. I say goodnight to the cat, make sure she has food and water, tidy the kitchen, heat up my stuffed animal oh, don't worry it's designed to do that haha, make sure my phone is plugged in and my alarm is on and my noisemaker is plugged in, turn down the AC and make sure the fan is so that's all on, put my eye mask on my head so I can draw it over my eyes whenever I need… Basically my whole bedtime rituals designed to that I Fall asleep fast and stay asleep the whole night haha. Soon, I will need to add something to my bedtime ritual… I haven't been meditating upon my dreams, and I haven't had a lucid dream for a long time. That will be one of my next goal.
R My S.
Well, it contains healthy carbs, proteins and fibre. I typically eat a fruit as a snack and attempt to keep myself hydrated. I do not consume sugar, instead I use honey.