Is bread with butter a good option?

Nicoline F.
Very often I eat bread with butter, because it is fastly prepared. On the other hand it is not the most filling meal, but the point is to eat at least something than nothing. And there are always plenty options to eat it with, like vegetables or fruits or for example jam.

Clayton U.
Hi! Actually, is not that bad, but I recommend other healthier options like bread with a little piece of ham, since it doesn’t has that much calories as butter. But, if you still prefer butter in stead of anything, don’t put that much, is not the idea having butter with bread in stead of bread with butter 😊
I hope this answer was useful 🤍

Nils Y.
Yes! I was told for a long time that carbs were the devil, but they're what gives your body energy, so it's important to fuel up in the morning. I like my toast buttery, and refuse to eat dry bread in the name of reducing calories.

Dinara O.
For a snack – I think yes. For breakfast – I'd prefer something more nutritious. By my experience, if bread consists yeast, it may even cause pain in the tummy if that's the first thing you eat in the morning.

Sarah P.
Toast with butter is okay but i would not recommend it for everyday consumption. Margarine is also a little healthier over butter but overall they both have the same amount of trans fat. Its a great option if there is no option for breakfast as long as you have a full meal along with it.