How do you manage to plan healthy breakfasts on busy days?

Isis Z.
I think that on busy days I wi eat a fruit like bananas or apples because those 2 fruits give you enough strength to get through the day😁
Charlie J.
I mostly plan my breakfast the day before. If it's something I can make, I will, if not I will have some kind of "assembly line" ready so that in the morning I loose the least amount of time.
Alexandra N.
My go to breakfast when I'm in a rush is always plain yoghurt with either some oats and nuts or some fruit. Healthy and quick breakfast 😋
Melquisedeque T.
If I can't meal prep, I will grab a protein bar and an apple. If I can meal prep, I will make a fruit smoothie with protein from oats.
Salma V.
Make a list of easy healthy breakfasts for those days and manage getting a motivation to not miss breakfast like watching an episode of your fav show or série…
Andrea Q.
First and foremost, I have the same breakfast every day: 3 scrambled whole eggs and an avocado. This lowers activation energy by keeping me from having to make a decision every morning. Second, if I know my morning will be extra hectic, I will pre-scramble and pre-season my eggs, and keep them in the bowl I mix them in with a lid or covering. This nearly obligates to cook breakfast because it's literally only the cooking and eating of it left to do. Third, I will also pre-select an avocado that I think will not be too ripe nor under ripe. So, I guess the basic principle is to prepare as much as you can the night before, and simplify as much as you can while keeping it sustainable for you. Hope this helps! 🥰
Enora P.
I do overnight oats. While I'm making dinner or even after, I'll prep the oats in a jar: 1/2 CUP oats, 1/4 CUP milk, 1/4 CUP yogurt and a tsp of chia seeds. You can even prep for more than a day at the same time. Then I'll leave in the fridge overnight. In the morning I add fresh fruit and some nuts. It's also great to eat on the go or at work.