What is a healthy breakfast option that I can take with me to work?

Camille Q.
It depends. I am not a dietician but I would recommend you a/ wholegrain sandwich( slim slices of bread) with baked turkey, onion, letucce or spinach with 2 boiled eggs and tomatoes or veg option with tofu or white bean paste.
Violet Z.
A banana is always a good breakfast item to take on the go. I like to pair them with a healthy granola bar. At the store, make sure read the ingredients and nutritional information to make sure you’re not getting granola bars with too much sugar. I try to grab ones that are high in protein.
Maja Z.
Taking a smoothie to work is a great breakfast option. It will provide you all the nutrients along with energy and keep you full
Loeci P.
I often put porridge on a low heat so that I can just add oat milk, then decant it into a leak proof container and take it to work with me.
Alternatively, a bagel with peanut butter. Protein kills hunger pangs and I'm fuelled for hours!
Jane F.
I used to go with homemade yogurt parfaits, but ever since I discovered I was lactose intolerant, I started taking oatmeal instead. You can find a lot of recipes for overnight oats on youtube and they are usually super delicious and filling!
Ang Le Q.
Hey there, happy to know that you are interested to know. Well, if you are in a hurry or lazy in the morning to prepare breakfast then you can take with you some quick items,
1) In a glass jar put some blackberries,strawberry, cherries, nuts, 1 table full spoon of yoghurt, dn again some berries and lastly put some cereal (honey granola) on top of that. This is the most healthy breakfast where you can get more energy.
2) Another one is, take two toasted breads, put avocado jam in it, some nuts and pumpkin seeds and sliced banana, make as sandwich, that's it.
P. S – if you can add egg , then it will be more healthier. (Hope my ideas will help you, keep in touch with fabulous tc).
Katrina J.
Overnight oats! Before bed, throw some rolled oats in a jar with some (animal or plant-based) milk or yogurt, some mixed berries, little drizzle of honey, maybe some crushed cashews or macadamia nuts. Refrigerate overnight and they'll be ready to go when you are.
Ulda A.
Prepare smoothies the night before to take with you on a commute. There are also lots of great recipes online for easy and healthy granola!
Hilda A.
I like boiling eggs to take to work. They're easy and are a great start to the day. I also like to have some fruit in the mornings, so smoothies are a what I like to do. It's a lot about the act of preparing it that I like. Also, I can keep sipping on it for about half an hour which makes me feel like I'm getting enough to eat.
Tracey Z.
Since you'll want a balanced meal, you'll need to follow the main items needed. Grains, proteins, vegetables, fruits and dairy. For grains and proteins, you will want to find a healthy granola bar, perhaps. For dairy and fruit, you can bring some vanilla yogurt topped with some berries. You can also crush up you granola bar and add it to your yogurt for texture. For vegetables and more fruit, you can add kale or spinach to your favorite fruit combinations in a delicious smoothie. Now you have a healthy breakfast that is filling which includes yogurt with granola and a small smoothie.
Frida G.
I usually take cooked or ra oats with nuts and fruits. I either cook it at home or when in hurry, I soak them in hot milk from coffee machine at work. Works great Everytime. W
Thomas C.
How about a hard-boiled egg and some fruit? You can boil and peel an egg and chop up an apple the evening before, and pack it up so it's ready to go in the morning.
Gl Dis W.
An apple or a banana is the best healthy breakfast you can take to office if you're on a rush. Two or three boiled eggs are also a good option in case you have time to boil them in hand.
Ethan S.
Overnight oats. They’re the best specially if you have an early morning meeting or shift and you don’t have time to get something ready that same morning. You can get it don’t the night before add any fruits or nuts or other things you like a dash of honey and it’s just grab and go the next day.
Hildebrando F.
I prefer scrambled eggs, broccoli or couliflower, and sweet potato. This breakfast usually makes me feel full up to around 3pm. Another choice that gives me the same fullness is yam or sweet potato and beans.
Shawn J.
A quick option is fruit, like an apple or banana. Premake overnight oats or healthy muffin options for a breakfast on the go.
Elya Z.
Chopped fruit and a small pot of yoghurt/dairy free yoghurt, sprinkled with seeds or nuts. Or make breakfast muffins the night before work! I mix the ingredients up to try new flavours and keep it varied. When nothing else will do, I make porridge and put it in a flask style container and eat it on the bus. Lots of flavour combos to be tried there too!
Thea Z.
A smoothie! I prepare one every morning and take it to work. There are dozens of recipes online; my favourite is banana, strawberry, chocolate protein powder and chia seeds 😊
Mathilde Z.
Instead of carrying a cup of coffee, why not make a smoothie and carry it to work? I usually have a glass of water, then throw a bunch of healthy ingredients into my Ninja and drink it while I get ready for work, but I could easily take it to work as well.
Lester B.
Scrambled egg/tofu with paprika and a spinach salad with nuts! Or what I like to do is actually make an omelette (which isn’t everybody’s cup of tea) but is very filling and a tasty and creative way to start with eggs:) otherwise a smoothie, or overnight oats! There’s loads of online recipes for both
Ricardo U.
An apple or other piece of fruit is a good option. They have more water content, and will keep you feeling full longer. They are also better for you. After all, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away,” and that has worked for a young lady of 102 years in Albuquerque. (She’s my Great Grandmother-in-law, and my inspiration for how to grow old with style.)
Daryl T.
I either get nature valley biscuits or I will get a yougurt drink with extra protein in it and use that as my breakfast because of the job I work and the amount of kids I have
L Andre E.
Banana and peanut butter smoothie. You can also add crushed nuts, musli or cereal, seeds like chia or flax, and other fruits.
Tim P.
Hard boiled egg with “everything but the bagel” seasoning from Trader Joe’s is one of my favorites! Or an RxBar, but I usually save those for my afternoon snack.
Est Fano Y.
Few options
1. Avocado with a piece of bread
2. Apple with a jar of peanut butter
3. Smoothie in a jar with a top
4. Boiled eggs with a piece of bread
5. Bananas and piece of bread
Polda Z.
When in a hurry I take some rice crackers with peanut butter (version without sugar) if I have a little time Ill mix some yoghurt with fruit (usually grapes, but a kiwi or berries are also quick) and a hand full of nuts (can be mixed but I quite like cashews) I'll eat it at work
Hugh Z.
I can take my bullet coffee and an egg scramble with me to work. I will scramble 2 eggs with some veggies and bacon, pack it up in a small container, and eat it first thing when I get to work along with my coffee.
Alice U.
Depending on what I'm feeling that week, I do smoothies or egg muffins. If you portion your smoothie ingredients beforehand it makes them easier to grab and throw in the blender every morning. Takes me about 2 minutes. With the egg muffins, I portion what I want to put in mine, whether it be onions and ham or spinach and cheddar and then simply crack and beat an egg or two into my muffin pan and drop those in the mix. You can use the oven or the stove and cook for a few mins. They're easy to pop into a bowl or Ziploc and head off to work. Hope this helps.
Joanne F.
I think some plain Greek yogurt with cut strawberries or berries of your choice along with some granola is a great easy option. You just mix it all together and bring it along. Another idea could be fresh fruit with a handful of almonds or granola. If you boil some eggs the night before you could bring them along with some cheese and maybe an apple.
Isabelita Z.
I do some different brrakfast and very rich but healthy. One of my favorites is porridge prepared with cacao amaro, soya milk and nuts.
Elise S.
It depends on what facilities you have at work. If there’s a microwave and kettle then you’re in luck as most fulfilling breakfasts can be made with these, for example oats can be made with just boiled water poured on them or an 8 min microwave. I would say that oats are my favourite breakfast as they are so filling and you can cover all nutritional needs with toppings. But, if there aren’t many facilities at your work then I would suggest overnight oats or something pre-cooked and brought in a tub. Hope this helps 🙂
Waltraut F.
I love a meal called “Overnight Oats.” I found it on a website called “Spend With Pennies.” I love it because you can make it with so many different types of fruit. You can also put in some Chia Seeds for extra nutrition. I use frozen fruit and I usually make three servings in one batch. You can make this over night put the mixture in mason jars and take it to work with you for the next 3-4 days.
Maja U.
A piece of fruit and something like a cheese stick or some peanut butter are awesome alternatives to those of us who dont love energy bars and things like that!
Hildegard X.
A bag of mixed nuts works really well and a banana or grapes; some sort of fruit that is easy to consume. Also sugar free protein or energy bars. These are good for breakfast on the go. If you ave this luxury of access to a microwave also oatmeal.
Nicoline W.
Apple slices and peanut butter mixed with a little bit of honey. If you want a little more crunch than dip the peanut butter covered apples in some walnuts.
Gertraud R.
A piece of fruit is portable and delicious, pair it with a container of peanut butter, almond butter, or yogurt ! I also like to make chia seed pudding the night before I have an early morning, with some add-ins like nuts or berries. Overnight oatmeal in a jar works well for taking on the go too!
Clayton N.
You can choose an over easy egg with some veggies or and protein you can even choose a smoothie with some nuts or fruit anything that health but taste really good
Am Lcar B.
I think some chilled swiss oats would be a great option! You could even prepare it the night before to save you some time getting ready in the morning before work. You could simply put some oatmeal and milk in a mason jar and then add fruits (strawberries, bananas, blueberries, etc.) and toppings (honey, granola, etc.) depending on your preference. I hope that helps!