Do you eat breakfast at home?

Teny N.
Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day. I love going to breakfast spots. Recently, however, I have been making my own breakfast:
Jennifer F.
Sometimes I eat at home and sometimes on the go. It really depends what I got going on that day. But, I really don't like eating until after I work out.
Татьяна Волкова N.
Yes, but I don't usually cook it, my boyfriend does, as I start work almost the moment I wake up (I work from home). So it's the same as it was when I was working from the office, I still don't have time for it before my workday starts
Dwayne A.
I do eat breakfast at home. My jobs begin in the afternoon, so I have enough time to make breakfast one of the most important, me times of the day!
Violet U.
During the school year, I would bring a smoothie or granola bar along in the car to eat on the way to class. Sometimes, I just wouldn’t eat. But lately, given the change of circumstances, I’ve been eating breakfast at home.
Shanequa J.
During COVID-19 shutdown (NYC), yes, but ordinarily, no. I keep my mini fridge at work well stocked. Breakfast is important to me. I need fuel to be effective!
Chester A.
Yes, i do. I always have breakfast at home before going to campus or somewhere else I need to. Especially at this time we are encourage to stay at home because of the pandemic
Soham F.
I do eat breakfast at home. I notice that buying extra bananas and apples and other fruits or veggies makes it easier throughout the week to have a healthy breakfast. I've always liked fruits and veggies, for those who don't I'd say, "your palette changes over time to enjoy what you eat. If you are used to greasy fast foods – start with fruits to help the body switch to a healthier version of sugar, over time your palette will change to enjoy what's good for you" practice makes perfect. keep it up stranger.!
Duane C.
Yes. I usually have yogurt or cereal with berries. Sometimes indulge in a sweet treat on Sunday. Eggs are another go to.
Isabelina P.
I do eat breakfast at home. I prefer having the opportunity to get ready for the day in my own home with a filling breakfast. Breakfast at home helps me center myself and prepare for the adventures ahead.
Have an excellent breakfast!
Allison G.
Actually not really. I mainly buy and take out to office. And that’s because I eat only during 10 am to 8 pm. So that I cannot finish my breakfast at home.
Emily P.
Yes becoz when l get up early then l go and have a shower and then l eat my breakfast and l become energetic And All the things are hygienic in home..
Bella G.
sometimes, this week i haven’t been because i’m on a vacation but i like sitting outside my house usually and eating breakfast
Matteo U.
Well yes, especially thx to covid. I usually eat 2 soft-boiled eggs and rye toast or omelette with veggies and rye toast. The real question is when do i eat it? I have coffee when i get up and breakfast 1 to 2 hours later.
Kelsey N.
Yes I try to. However on occasion I am running late and have to buy something to go. To make sure I dont just grab 6 donuts, I actually have planned out two or three places between me and work and what I would order at each place that would be sufficiently healthy and make sure I'm fed. Planning this out when I'm not tired and stressed and already late makes sure that when I AM late, I have three different options of healthy food that are on my way and make sure I'm not just eating donuts. Makes in-the-moment decision making not even a thing and keeps my brain sharp. Hope this helps!
Alex Q.
It depends on the day my schedule rotates if I'm opening I will eat on the way to work. If i work later then i will eat at home
Clara P.
Yes! Once I wake up I try to wait for about 30 min and then have my breakfast. I usually have a coffee with some Milt and a toast with a slice of cheese and some slices of cold meat like ham
Edwin C.
At times.. I often, dont prioritize a hearty breakfast before work, I prioritise sleep..😅 Generally, i'll just do a protein shake and a banana on the go (if im lucky) I did find myself making breakfasts on my days off & I guess, I was enjoying making/eating breakfasts at home abit more than I have been of late, i've been doing it, buts its been abit more of a chore.. & therefore not happening quite as often ..
Ildefonso G.
Almost always. Ether breakfast in bed brought to me by my partner or down stairs. I don't digest food on the go so well so I prefer to sit down and wake up while I eat
Faye Y.
Always, otherwise I find myself eating less healthy. A good breakfast for me is scrambled egg on toast if I have time, overnight oats if I know I'm going to short for time the next day.
Emily S.
Yes! I love cooking and eating my breakfast at home, because not only it saves me money, it helps me to wake up by being in the kitchen making something.
Eric U.
Hi! I am usually not hungry early in the morning. I start my day with a celery juice then pack my breakfast with me to the office and have it around 9:30-10. Hope this helps
Shaunicer W.
Yes and no. It depends on my work schedule. If I eat breakfast at home, then I can have something hot like eggs, pancakes, or french toast. If I have to take it on the go I'll opt for a quick grab and go breakfast like a protein shake, toast, overnight oatmeal in a mason jar.
Brent P.
Yes, I do eat breakfast at home. Even if it's only a granola bar or toast, I trust the products I buy more than anonymous products from somewhere else.
Carl X.
Yes – during the week it's generally up in the bedroom away from the madness, part of my morning routine to prepare for the day. At the weekend, it's all together around the dining table. Perhaps madness is embraced more, or easier to handle, at weekends.
Liva W.
Sometimes. When I'm not too tired ill make myself food, but I usually skip breakfast. Sometimes I get Starbucks or McDonald's.