What do you eat for breakfast? I’m getting bored of the same every day.

Ashlae P.
I usually try to incorporate either 1) a lot of protein or 2) at least 3-4 food groups.

For example: Omelette w/turkey bacon, veggies, cheese, toast w/butter, and a smoothie (mango, pineapple, ginger, honey, coconut water, carrot juice, tumeric) [one meal]; breakfast taco, smoothie, apple [one meal]; toasted bagel w/peanut butter, banana, cinnamon, nutmeg, honey, and milk or protein shake [one meal].

Robert B.
Their lot of things you can eat in the morning I personally like to eat oatmeal. You can eat anything healthy you like or you can cook and if you are having a confusion make a routine of what you will eat on what days for example like to eat oats in Monday and Saturday

Martha Y.
I have a couple staples I rotate through (peanut butter toast, cereal, veggie in the basket), but if I have leftovers sometimes I'll reach for those to shake things up!

Diana O.
I eat bagels and cream cheese, i usually prepare a pack of bacon at the beginning of the week to add to my breakfast everyday and it goes well with a glass of milk or juice in a hurry. Eggs are easy and have many ways they can be prepared so you wornt get bored of them

Gertrude P.
See according to me , it's not necessarily important for you to have the same thing for breakfast everyday if it bores you ,you can try something every day like one day a fruit salad another day some oats and another cereals. It depends upon your taste buds but remember to always have something nutritious for breakfast because it kickstarts the day. That's all I wanted to say cause I think I wrote too much and also all the best to completing this habitat. 👋👋

Andreas W.
I’m trying to meal prep so that I’m successful with a healthy breakfast—things to make ahead copy cat Starbucks egg bites, make ahead steel cut oats (easily reheat and top with banana and nut butter). I also keep nuts, apple sauce at work in case I’m rushing out the door).

Mark P.
Well, the first thing I do is if there's fruit in my house then I eat an apple first, if not I'll eat whatever my mom is cooking just don't eat sugar for a month and see what happens.