What do you do if you’re having success with intermittent fasting?

Carl W.
I'm not 100% sure if the question is in regarding to the fasting itself and the technique I find that works for me, or if it relates to what I do when fasting is going well so I'll answer both! I started fasting with a 13 hour off 11 hour on routine (9pm to 10am fast), it's a great way to cut out late light snacking. To celebrate in the morning I make a delicious breakfast that will completely fill my stomach. It sounds counter productive but I feel a lot healthier, happier, and I've already started losing weight! Hope this helps 🙂

Mikasa N.
I know that I can do it and continue,caus I want to change my be habit to good habit an be a perfect human with perfect habit and body

Maja U.
If I'm having success with intermittent fasting, I'm guessing that I'll continue to do it. But once I notice that it doesn't help in improving my physical and mental state, then I guess that's the time I'll stop. Of course, I'll be focusing on maintaining to be healthy and happy and not just to get fit.

Prisha N.
It's good to fast but exercise is also equally important… fasting might get one cravings later and maybe weakness also..soo you should work out

L Sma F.
Im not sure what you mean. If I would have success with intermittent fasting I would be super happy. I have changed my eating habits a lot woth it, but nothing is really changing. I would be super happy if it did work.

Gordana T.
Well… I have a lovely small dinner or supper (depending what time of the day I end). I make sure that what I eat is not only small but light.

Dee N.
I don’t like intermittent fasting, i prefer to eat all meals in a healthy way. I love eat healthy food and in a balance mood

Ri Z.
I believe intermittent fasting is not for everybody and certaintly I wouldnt do it as a lifestyle.
This said, if the intermittent fasting is going well I would continue doing it for at least a month or until I found that my health is being affected for the worst.

Oyeboade S.
I actually put a smile on my face, for me it's hard to accomplish meaningful things so when I do I'm always happy and I try to celebrate as best way as possible

Chris R.
I am happy … when I have success with a diet and lose weight or succeeding on keeping track my diet.. I am really satisfied with my self.. All of my problems aren't gone but I have hope that I can manage ..