How to do I have a healthy breakfast while I’m in a rush?

Brittany N.
I have breakfast shakes! You can make your own shoot hues or there is mix you can get in the cereal aisle. Also you can prep your breakfast so you can grab and go.
Juan W.
I have the same problem, what I do is preparing it the night before for example what I have for breakfast is ceral oat with a yogurt a fruit and nuts so I prepare it the night before and I have it in the fridge and the next morning even if I am in a hurry I take it. Also, you can buy oat bars or eat a fruit and take in a bottle some tea and you take it as your breakfast
Evan Z.
Peanut butter and jelly (or honey) on whole wheat. Not the most healthy, but it includes protein, starch, fiber, and sugar in a portable format.
Lauren T.
Prepare in advance. Rushing in the morning with nothing prepared is the absolute quickest way to grab something that is unhealthy, providing minimal energy & making you crave more unhealthy things. By preparing the night before, whether it is having a jar of pre-scrambled eggs so all you have to do is pour them in the pan, or cut up fruit and veggies so that you don't have to take the time to do that in the morning and there is less mess to clean up. Speaking of messes in the kitchen, don't go to bed with a kitchen full of dirty counters and a sink full of dirty dishes. It zaps your energy and motivation every time when you you see that mess and know you have to clean it up on top of cook. Give yourself the gift of peace of mind every night. It'll help you sleep better too!
Jocelaine Q.
I’m not very good at this, either. But I try to get some protein to start my day, and if I’m in a rush I’ll make a slice of peanut butter toast and pair it with an apple, some berries, or a hard boiled egg made earlier. And I’ll bring bottled water or some coffee or tea for some fluids on the go.
Ashrey F.
Ok so this a very easy thing to win and lose. Usually in the morning when you’re in a rush, you just have to get up get ready and go. There’s a few ways to come around this…

1. Get breakfast components ready last night, so you can be primed and ready to go. For example, get the frying pan with utensil in place, keep the eggs in the front of the fridge for easy access. Keep the protein powder, glass readily accessible so you can make it on the go.

2. Get microwaveable breakfast that you can simply pull out of the freezer and pop in the microwave. Then you go brush your teeth, get ready – by the time you’re back it’s ready to go.

Andresa P.
Boil 4 eggs one night and peel them, keep them in the fridge in a container, eat 1 for breakfast for the next 4 days, repeat. Make oatmeal that you can also keep in the fridge and eat cold mixed with berries or other cut up fruit you have prepared the night before. Make a whole grain bread peanut butter sandwich at night with apple slices inside so it's ready in the morning, put it in a container or a bag over night so it won't dry out. The key is to have it ready so you can grab, eat, go. Drink iced tea from your fridge, iced coffee, etc. Think grains, lean protein, fruit, and hydrate.
Sofie B.
Hi there! The only successful solution for this is to make a menu for one week. It will make you buy necessary products in advance, and it will be so easy to make a healthy breakfast for yourseld every day! Try it! Good luck
Vanessa S.
There's a lot of healthy alternatives for a quick breakfast. Making a peanut butter sandwich is one of my go-tos. You can also store protein bars or some other healthier breakfast alternative at your destination, for example your office.
Dennis F.
I do one of two things: instead of cooking, I make a simple smoothie, or I prepare overnight oats and just grab them out of the refrigerator and go! (Google for some amazing recipes)
Lemuel Q.
Well you could put it together the night before or you could throw together some but mix in the moment or grab a banana or apple
Suzie N.
Prepare something the night before, or just grab some fruit (banana/apple/mandarin) and some nuts or a health bar! Or drink a quick store bought smoothie (or make one night before)
Ken Y.
You can make "overnight oats" in a jar including oats and other layered healthy additions such as fruit, chia etc…Try googling "healthy overnight oats in a jar" and you will find many suggestions. Just grab from the refrigerator in the morning!
Tha S Z.
Plan ahead and make meals before bed or shop for on the go premade breakfast meals or snacks. Fruits and nuts go a long way too!
Hansj Rgen N.
You should plan your day before it begin and if a surprise happened there's a lot of easy breakfast that you can eat like an apple or banana with penanut butter you can even buy a healthy snack
Ana Q.
Prepare something the night before, maybe a healthy milkshake or overnight oats on a container to go. A peanut butter sandwich on a healthy bread.