Do you have any fast and healthy breakfast ideas besides eggs and muesli?

Nehal F.
رقائق الشوفان المحمص مع الجبن القريش ..
Sorry for my weak English but I don't know the translation
But also bananas and oats with milk
Sadath F.
See a good breakfast will have modest amounts of protein (your body is made out of most of that, your muscles are protein), fiber is what will provide you with long lasting energy for the day, healthy fats/vitamins/minerals for producing hormones and enzymes that rules over the many millions of chemical processes that govern your body.

This is what I do to include all of this in an easily and quickly prepared breakfast:
• Invest in a gram scale.
• Invest in a delicious protein powder (try Dymatize), it’s expensive but considering that it’ll last for at least 3 months, it isn’t really. Pour half a scoop in a cup and then pour a glass full of milk. This will take care of your protein.
• Add granola or muesli, rich in fiber, vitamins, minerals, add it to the cup with your protein shake, it’s delicious! 35 or 50g of it. Have a banana too and your fiber, vitamins & minerals are taken care of.
• This is literally just putting things in a cup and stirring, quick and delicious!
• An egg for more protein but mainly for the healthy fats. If you want you can skip the eggs tho but you gotta have the above.

Estelle N.
For the morning I eat some oats with a coconut yogurt (with no cow milk only coconut milk). I improve the recipe with something to improve the taste like : maple sirupt, honey, fruit jam ect.. I try new things often to avoid to get bored 😊 this morning I also add a banana in my bowl that was super good
Tristan U.
Yes I have!😁 I love to have fruits in my breakfast. Put them in a bowl of oatmeal, cereal or make a smoothie. Fruits have natural sucrose which is a source of energy. Fried rice with veggies and eggs will also do. You can add anything you like to your fried rice just like in omelette. I also love grilled cheese with salmon on sides or chicken and avocado. Explore more, I could say. Have a healthy and great body and mind☺
Jean J.
Here is a list of ideas:
1. A bowl of salad (veggies, tuna, hard boiled egg, nuts, green leaves, cheese)
2. Fruit salad or a fruit plate/a veggie plate with toast on the side
3. Beans on toast with cucumber
4. A fruit smoothie
5. Toast with peanut butter and cucumber
6. Bowl of beans and corn
7. Almond milk with berries, cornflakes (no sugar), nuts and more
Villads Z.
Some other quick ideas are toast with either cheese and fruit on top such as cream cheese, mascarpone, or quark, with berries or thin apple slices. Some honey or nuts also go well with it. In Spain, we sometimes take a fresh tomato and grate it (or chop it in a food processor for 3-4 seconds), put it on toast with a little olive oil and salt, and top it with cured ham.
Amelia Q.
I’ve had a lot of luck with whole wheat toast with peanut butter and banana slices (sprinkled with a little cinnamon). It’s super fast and cheap and you still get the protein value.
Ruby N.
How about salads? You can also prepare meals a day or two before so you don't have to do any preparations to start your day.
Fabian S.
I usually go for oatmeal, its really healthy, I spice it up with some cocoa powder and protein powder, add some banana to it and voila.
Julie I.
Oatmeal…and you can add things like nuts and seeds to make it even healthier.
You could do a yogurt parfait with granola. You would want to keep it low sugar to make it healthier.
Maybe a healthy smoothie without too much sugar can be another option.

Good luck!

Julia T.
If you want something ready to go, overnight oats are a good option. You can make them the night before however you like, and in the morning, add fresh fruit or other compliments. If the fruit allows it, sometimes I'll just put it directly so I don't have to think about adding anything the next day. I like overnight oats because you can very easily customize it to your liking and needs! Another option with oats is cooking them with the milk of your choice (1:2 ratio) and add different flavors like cinnamon, chocolate, apples, etc. Something else I like to do is always having cut and peeled fruit in the fridge. It's an easy way to complete your breakfast or you can eat it with yogurt
Lola C.
tuna, chopped onions, mayo, minced garlic, hard boiled eggs (i guess it still uses eggs but not using it as a main ingredient gave me a feeling of variation – maybe you can leave it out and sub w an avocado) mixed together on romaine leaves. some other topping ideas that i like to add: lemon juice, avocado, corn, cilantro. can be premade to make it even faster during mornings. 🙂
Kayla T.
For me, the best combo has been fruit and cottage cheese, because I’m too busy to cook I pick up the cut fruit from the grocery store (trying to stay under $5) and the protein and fat in the cottage cheese keep me very full while still being low calorie. It’s surprisingly filling and I think it’s super tasty
Rene P.
I use Quaker protein oatmeal or protein granola cereal with nonfat milk. It’s light and quick enough for me to commit to.
Tee F.
Bread with hummus, cucumbers, carrots .

Bread with butter and cheese+ tomatoes

Porridge with fresh and dried fruits, nuts and roll with jam on it.

Justin B.
I suggest oatmeal or Smoothies. They're a great choice for breakfast. Easy, simple and delicious. You can also treat yourself to a fruit salad with chocolate dressing or ice cream.
From savouch breakfasts I recommend eggs in all ways: cooked, fried, roasted, etc. Then, the spinach salads are a hit! I don't process spinach thermally, because it completely loses its properties. The spinach is enough to wash, salt, add the spices and squeeze the lemon into it. Also, chicken salads saturated and delicious!
That's it from me, thanks for the attention! 🥰