What other food options are there?

Marvin Q.
Food is best kept simple. While proteins and vegetables. Doesn’t get any better than that. Maybe try crockpot cooking to make things easier for winter?
Marius F.
If you wan a good meal to start the day just have a bowl of cereal, if not then fry a egg and put it between some bread and eat that that will give you the protein you need and also a lot of carbohydrates which will take you through the day, also eat some fruit example if you are studying and you have a test or exam have a banana it gives your body lots of potassium, which helps you remember if not that then. if not that then just have some food with lots of carbohydrates which will give you energy through the day as it burns slowly, Hope this was helpful. Ps, don't have sugar for breakfast it will energies you for 50 minutes or so then you will feel tired for the rest of the day
Olivia X.
Extra foods I once try to include Soybeans, broad beans, Sichuan beans, almonds, peanuts, etc. I 'm working on finding new materials for a better healthy breakfast.
Taylor A.
One of my fav things to make for breakfast is spreading peanut butter on top of a peeled banana, sprinkle some nuts, and slice it into pieces. That plus some fruits and berries on the side is amazing.
Laura N.
Personally ı eat some almokds or nuts with bananas or bananas with peanutbutter. Those keep you energetic and fells light. But if you can prepare you should eat eggs with some chesnuts. İts rich on protein and it will give you the energy you need 🙂
Zo Q.
Well,for breakfast you can have bread omlette, any vegetable soup,Banana Peanut butter Sandwich or oatmeal. These are healthy yet tasty food options available.
Tanya W.
Sometime when i'm in a rush, i would have a cup of soy milk n handful of almonds. Or cook some salmon the night b4 n ready to eat the next day
Am Lie O.
Müsli with soy milk, grapes and blueberries. The trick for me is to find something yummy and quick and easy for preparation and cleaning, so there's less friction in the morning. When u get bored by the combination, I move on