Do you have breakfast before or after exercising?

Aiden N.
I meditate mindfulness shortly before breakfast. After preparing my breakfast, I walk for 10 minutes to allow my body to awaken relaxingly. Afterwards, I get my breakfast!
Emma S.
Both. Eat an hour or two before exercising so you have energy. And then again after. Eating carbs after you workout helps you build muscle if that's what you're aiming for
Lu S I.
What about walking . Or yoga from TV i do armchair exercises cos i have bad legs. Put music on you lovd even if you dont like dancing tap you feet and move ypur body to tge beat x
Good luck
Lu S I.
For me I eat a bit before I exercise. My stomach doesn’t do well on empty. I tend to get nauseous and feel sluggish. I like to eat eggs or a protein shake to fuel my workouts and a protein rich snack after to help with muscle repair and soreness.
Kylie P.
I usually have breakfast after exercising because if I eat before I exercise I might throw up, but that is just me. I do
秀島 亜沙里 N.
I eat breakfast before or at least a banana to kickstart, because your body needs fuel for exercising! If you don’t do so, you can lead your body to faint, get tired more easily!
Lu S I.
If I am doing a workout such as the 7 minute workout I would eat first, but if I was doing a run/jog I would eat after to avoid a stitch.
Lu S I.
This depends on when I exercise. If I plan to do it in the morning, I will eat afterwards. If I exercise later in the day, I will eat beforehand, but give my body time to digest before turning to the exercise.
Robin C.
I have breakfast after I exercise, I just feel better that way. If you ate going to do an intense work out you could consider haveing a smoothie before to give you energy and something light after. Hope this helps.
Martin U.
Before exercising because it wakes me up and gives me the fuel that I personally need to make my body work harder. My body is my vehicle in life, and everybody knows that you can't expect to drive a car and go very far with a low or empty gas tank. Cars spent the better part of the day with the engine turned off and parked on the side of the street but our bodies keep working and using up energy even during sleep. So it's logical to feed our bodies before putting them back to work.
Cecilie C.
I eat before working out cause I need the energy from the food to fuel my workout and I find I work out better when I eat rather than when I'm hungry its all personal preference but I think working out on an empty stomach is silly cause when u work out your burning calories right now if u are working out cause you want to lose weight eating after just puts back what u try so hard to work out during your workout as I said it all depends on what works for you..
David U.
Just relaxed and think about your day what are you grateful for today. simple ways think about the three things what are you most grateful for
秀島 亜沙里 N.
I personally feel it’s best to have breakfast before a workout to give you the energy boost yu may need of course left your food digest then give it your all