What do you think about high protein meats for breakfast? Maybe a steak or bacon?

Ivan U.
Protein from meat is not broken down properly in our bodies, so we actually don’t get a lot of protein from meat. Your best bet, is to whip you up a green smoothie with leafy green vegetables that are packed with more protein than meat, such as kale, spinach, bok choy, a vegan protein powder that will have chorella inside, add your favorite fruits, with some honey, mix it all with some water or a healthy juice, and you’re good to go!
Emily C.
I don't often have the appetite for a big breakfast, and carbs are easy and tasty. However, I do enjoy a bacon butty when I have the Energy
Irma O.
I believe that meat isn't really necessary because we can get all the nutrients our bodies need from the vegetables and fruits and g-bombs…

Such as greens,beans, onions, mushrooms,berries and seeds families…

But in the spirit of not depriving your body of cravings…

I would say that if you are craving meat…then have some every once in a while in small doses until your body no longer craves it…sort of weaning yourself off of it…
Also you can pick leaner and healthier versions of meat like some Turkey bacon or fish…
And who said you had to eat the whole slab of meat in one sitting…break/slice it into smaller pieces and use that one piece of meat for multiple meals…

Some old habits are hard to break…but not impossible…

In the end just do what's best for your body…

-Michelle Talha

Tanzum P.
I don't think eating meats for breakfast is a good idea. I have never ate meat for breakfast. I think it's not good for health.
Derrick T.
Probably not. You want to start the day light and healthy, not bloated. Bacon is especially greasy too. A Bacon butty on the one off occasion maybe, but definitely not regularly.
Mem F.
I find I do best when each meal has a balance of protein+wholesome carbohydrates+fat . (Also vegetables). For me there wouldn't be anything wrong with the protein being meat. I try to avoid most commercial bacon because of the added chemicals, but some kinds are probably better than others.
I do also try to buy grass-fed, non-antibiotic meet whenever possible, because I try to support treating animals humanely (and I also can taste the difference). That limits my choices because those options are more expensive. I will say bacon is quite delicious, and I see that type of fat as a good type.
Milly N.
I think those sound super yummy, but also very filling. I personally find when I eat heavy foods like that for breakfast it backfires and makes me lethargic. I’m more of an on the go breakfast gal…like bananas, yogurt or protein shakes.
Allie R.
I avoid consuming red meat as per my dietician, so I generally don't start my day with red meat – that's a treat. When I make my smoothie in the morning I put high-protein fruit and vegetables like kale, spinach, avocado, blackberries, and bananas, as well as oats and peanut butter powder which are high in protein.
Sylvie Q.
i think it's good bc you're supposed to eat protein and those are very yummy and would keep you full for the day. i think u gotta pair it with some other stuff like toast or something and maybe some fruit as well to make it well rounded
Mathilde X.
Steak has way more protein than bacon. Also the benefits of a high protein breakfast are burning fat, prevents sugar crashes, and it keeps you full faster. I really hope this helped.
Jenny U.
I don’t eat a lot of meat for breakfast, but I do need a high protein breakfast. I prefer Greek yogurt or eggs. I never say no to bacon, though!
Adriana T.
I much prefer something like quinoa porridge to keep me full… It's a complete protein and much lighter than meat in the morning
Jonas P.
I don’t eat meat. However, for a protein packed breakfast I love a tofu scramble with beans and lots of veggies. Soy-rizo is also one of my favorite morning favorites, I like mixing it with potatoes and putting it in burritos. As a vegan, I get all of my protein from plants 🙂
Florian S.
I like it cause it gives me bulk of energy to start my day, but sometimes I get worried it'll make me sluggish earlier compared to an oatmeal, eggs, milk and fruit breakfast