What is your go-to breakfast at home for something easy, quick and healthy?

Norman J.
Egg on toast (with cream cheese and baby spinach) it really only takes a few minutes and I enjoy it so much, and it fills me up!
Peyton A.
I have to have coffee, gets me going. Then I have a banana, love it with oatmeal . I love smoothies or even a piece of ham and cheese with a tomato.
Helen I.
I usually have to make my breakfasts short and simple because of school starting so early. it is usually something like an english muffin with PB&J on it, a frozen waffle, or oatmeal.
Khushboo S.
A sandwich, peanut butter shake and a fruit. I prepare the filling for a week before hand. It helps me have a balanced breakfast with all necessary ingredients like carbs, protein, fat, vitamins and minerals.