What are some breakfast suggestions for when you’re in a hurry? Besides nuts. Usually I drink coffee with milk and bread with butter

Lottie O.
I am usually not in a hurry in the morning, but on the rare occasions I am late, I still eat my regular breakfast which is yogurt and granola. I like to stick to my routines because I know it works for me. You can though prepare the night before, like putting out a bowl, spoon and whatever toppings you want. Or if you like overnight oats you can always make them the night before and you can change the flavor how you like it. I hope this helps❤️
Firmo S.
I think I take apple and some water I prefer have fruit and some dates because this things give me power and energy and I can keep my focus
Jenie N.
Omelette is a good one.. i always do a quick one as well. Put some oil in a pan, some spinach after and put 2 eggs mixed thoroughly with salt and pepper. A cup of coffee or tea is always awakening.