What are the best fruits to eat in the morning?

Hadrien Q.
Bananas and berries are really good in the morning. They pack enough energy to keep you going for longer during the day. Not to mention how delicious they are
Carol U.
Bananas, easy to eat, go well with cereal and have lots of good vitamins in them. Also easy to take on the go. Same thing with clementines
Irmtrud X.
Eating fruits at all in the morning is a great way to start the day. Bananas, apples, oranges, and berries are good for breakfast. Chia seeds are also a fantastic source of protein and nutrition.
Greice P.
I like to eat berries, which are high in antioxidants, and bananas, which are easy to add to most meals. Oatmeal cooked with bananas and topped with berries makes for a very satisfying breakfast.
Gordon U.
A banana, as it keeps you fuller and more satisfied.
Susie C.
Banana, apple and dried raisins together with raw unsalted nuts.
Because of high protein. The nuts balance the fruit sugars so it is processed slower
Jaroslav U.
For me the best fruit is the ones that are easily incorporated into a meal. For me that is bananas, I have oatmeals with banana, crisp rye bread with nutbutter and banana or a smoothie with banana for breakfast, since its a really convenient breakfast food and is loaded with potassium!
Ella G.
You could eat a banana because they are high in vitamin. But most fruits have lots of vitamins so any are good!
Gisbert J.
Something which has a neutral pH, like a banana, works best.
Harry Y.
I eat strawberries and bananas chopped up in oats for breakfast. If I’m not feeling oatmeal, I eat fried eggs and an apple. 🙂
Sharon U.
Something high in fiber, raspberries, or any berries are great, bananas are greatvwhen you're in a hurry and always with some kind of clean protein, nuts, greek yogurt are great but something you like.
Alice J.
I like to eat a banana, apple, or grapes- they are easy to pack for work and not very messy to eat. I make sure I pair them with some peanut butter, almonds, or cottage cheese for protein.
Tiago O.
I would go with berries – they have a low glycemic load, which is good if you want to keep blood sugar low/steady. They are also packed full of phytonutrients, which have antioxidant properties. They are also delicious!
Charlotte P.
I find bananas particularly filling first thing, especially when paired with a slice of toast or a bit of cheese or yogurt. Berries are also a favourite around here; I keep frozen ones in the freezer and add them to oatmeal or just thaw them and eat a bowl full—you don’t need to add sugar!
Magnus C.
I vote for berries. I have consistently read that blueberries are very good for you. If I can’t find organic berries then I choose apples instead.
Erotildes Z.
Apples and Bananas
Alizee S.
Cherry, pineapple, banana,blueberry,Grapefruit, kiwi, strawberry, red grape, watermelon, lemon,Blackberry, papaya, cantaloupe etc.