I often find I need more food before lunch. How long will a good breakfast fill you up?

Maria C.
I have this too. Often I eat breakfast at 8:00 then find my self eating a small snack at around 11:30 and eating lunch 1:15. It really comes down to what you have but probably at least 3-4 hours.-
Clifford U.
You have to eat the things give you enough energy like banana or apples at breakfast and also don't eat th things like cakes which energy is weak and short
Maya E.
For me a good breakfast is a small breakfast, my hunger starts when I work or sport. If I do nothing and have a day off… I eat brackfast late same for lunch.
Andrea C.
I suppose I never really have a "good" breakfast. Most times it's just a yogurt and granola or eggs and toast. Those fill be up for about two hours with a cup of coffee. I could add a protein bar to these smaller breakfasts to make them last longer.
Jennifer E.
I find that eating a healthy breakfast can fill me up for about 4 hours or so. This includes things such as a bagel with tuna salad, fruit and a side of yogurt. Although for some people this may seem like a lot, it is healthy and will fill you up for a longer time. Protein is key in staying full for longer
Adeli Z.
It depends on the day. A good breakfast will last me until around 1 if my appetite is normal but if it's low then I'll snack again at 1 but don't usually get hungry until dinner time
Rotraud T.
A good breakfast should definitely last until lunch. When I have a very hearty breakfast it lasts even longer. It sounds like you need to increase your portion, probably with something rich in protein (beans, meat, eggs).
Ritthy Z.
I noticed the same thing too, even with really packed breakfasts like a large bowl of oatmeal filled with fruit and nuts. I struggled with it for a while, feeling like a failure for not achieving what the diet was prescribing. Then eventually my mindset changed: all bodies are different, and rather than trying to push yourself into one specific structure, try listening to your body. I settled for a lighter breakfast but still nutritious, e.g. a smaller bowl of oatmeal, and then have a healthy snack whenever I get hungry (e.g. rice cakes or a banana). I now stick to a routine more like 6 small meals rather than 3 big ones with larges gaps between those.
Almedin T.
If you want to lose weight you can "fast" or dellay your breakfast until lunch so you don't have to worry about overeating or you can have a small breakfast just some snack (like fruit or a handfull of nuts) if you can't wait for lunch. Or have a snack for lunch and wait for diner instead of eating 2 big meals.
And try to eat a lot of salat or fresh vegetable if you are eating lunch because salat has little calories soo you can use it to fill yourself up eat it with small amount of healthy proteins, carbs and fats(fats minimum because they are the most caloric).
You can also drink a glass of water before a meal.
To some people this helps to eat less during the meal.
And one more thing try to eat slowlly and enjoy your food because it takes some time for your stomach to send signals to your brain that it is full. You can google exact time I can't remember. Have a fabulous time 😀