Do you recommend a good breakfast even if I exercise heavily every morning after it?

Ella X.
You always need to eat a good breakfast. It’s the most important meal of the day! However give yourself about 5-10 minutes to allow your breakfast to settle in.
Marius X.
Hello, I do not recommend exercising after eating, in general, unless you wait from 30 mins (if you ate something light) to 2 hours (if you ate something heavy). I would always recommend you to eat a great breakfast, so my advice to you would be to either eat something like a banana or drink a smoothie to power you and then you wait 30 miss then start your workout routine, or to do what I do, which is to switch between the exercise habi and the great breakfast habit. So you will start your morning by drinking water, exercising and THEN eating your great breakfast. This way you don't upset your stomach and wouldn't have to weait 30 mins to get on with your exercise as most of us don'thave that much to spare in the morning especially if we have things to do.
Travis U.
Yes, only because I was a person of habit to eat only a little bit when I first wake up to go to the gym so I would at least be able to have the energy for the gym. I wasn’t eating enough before the gym and would feel sick or feel like I was going to pass out. Now I am always for eating a better breakfast and drinking lots of water before the gym in the morning.
Joel U.
i feel like you should start with a small but we'll nitritioned breakfast before the workout and eat another small portion after
Amaury U.
I think they say to have something light like a banana and oatmeal and then have a large breakfast after an intense workout. Or if you just eat a large breakfast and then wait 30 minutes I think that's also fine but I don't bdo bodybuilding or Olympic training so idk Google it loo
Rene E.
No. Light but high in fiber and protein. Not heavy or a lot of calories. Yogurt and granola and fruit is a great option to me when I do that.
Jose S.
Yes, i do. Listen to your body to understand what’s better for you, personally if i exercise in the morning i prefer have my breakfast after workout, but if you need energy you can have it before 🙂
Linda Z.
Based on past experience with exercise after dinner, I did best with a light meal before exercise, then a heavier meal after . But if a heavy breakfast doesn't make you sick, I don't see anything wrong with it.
Jessie U.
Yes a good breakfast is important just because you have a good breakfast doesn't .even it has to be a lot of food
Alois X.
Yes. A good breakfast doesn't mean a heavy breakfast. Choose something light but filling. Like toast with avocado on top and Greek yogurt with chia seeds to keep you satiated longer. If you work out intensely, don't go for meat, or eggs in the morning, they will make you feel heavy.
Kreszenz Z.
Yes, why work hard exercising and then destroy it with one meal? Maybe if you are finding it hard then once a month or every three weeks have an unhealthy one to treat yourself and if that is the circumstances of the question then no I see no harm but try not to get into an unhealthy routine.
Your fellow user – Eve
Candice O.
Actually, I would like to eat what u recommend to me. But that not always available in my home
I recommend Tempe and Tofu for breakfast cause it is contained protein and can make stuff for long time or until lunch time
Coline Z.
I don’t recommend a big breakfast followed by heavy exercise. I would get indigestion. A small bite to eat is better for me or to wait to eat until after I exercise.
Paula U.
Yes… Even if u do or don't you need very healthy breakfast. It is most important meal of the day. Keep high protein content in breakfast
Adamastor S.
I find it hard to exercise after a big breakfast so I normally have a banana, exercise and then have my protein fill. It’s different for everyone however
M Line O.
Breakfast is important because it fuels your body and gives it energy. It’s what you need for getting you moving. It can help wake you up along with some water.
Freja C.
There are 2 options here: (1) exercise BEFORE breakfast. The advantage to this is you'll be lighter and, because you'll be exercising without having eaten since the day before, your body will tap into your fat reserves for energy instead of using glucose from recently consumed food. This is what I prefer to do, though it takes a little getting used to as an empty stomach will growl at you the first week or so that you're exercising on it.
The second option (2) is to eat first, as it sounds like you're doing. The advantage to this is you are fuelling your body and will likely be able to workout longer before fatiguing since your body has fresh fuel to use. However, training on a full stomach has its cons; you'll likely feel heavier and slower and, if you ate a carb-heavy breakfast (potatoes, bread, cereals), you'll likely feel a little drowsy too. If you're going to eat before you exercise, eat a lighter meal that's high in protein (think and omelette with mushrooms, tomato and a bit of cheese) or have a banana smoothie with protein powder. You'll likely feel hungry and ready to eat some more after training, so eat light first, like a smoothie, then, once you've finished training, hit up that omelette. Or do it in reverse. Whatever suits you personally.
Overall, experiment and find a method that works for you. I prefer to train fasted and eat when I'm done, others like to have a light meal to train on, while still others will have a big meal 30 minutes before they train.
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