What makes your breakfast HEALTHY?

Renata F.
I'll wake up and drink water after wakeup after 10 to 20 min I do exercise . Then after doing exercise I take break for 10 min.
My breakfast start with 40 to 50 gram oats with hot milk . Then I eat fruits like apple,pomigrenade and dry fruit like kaschew and walnut. This is my healthy breakfast

Ehrenfried B.
My breakfast can include all the nutrients my body requires to grow and thrive especially as a growing teenager. My breakfast includes carbs, protein, vitamins, and healthy fats which as all good for my body.

Jane X.
My breakfast is healthy because it contains a health balance for the morning. The complex carbs in the bread, the sugar in the honey and the fats and protein in the peanut butter make the breakfast well rounded.

B R Nice O.
For me, it is eating breakfast at all. I struggle with eating a lot and breakfast reminds me of how much better I feel when I've eaten, which encourages me to eat later in the day. It always includes a drink and enough food to feel full. I also try to exclude things that will make me feel heavy like dairy or sugar because they make me feel yucky and that kind of defeats the purpose XD when I get a little more comfortable with my body in general, I'll focus more on the quality of my food. For now, it gives me a healthy mindset:)

Alicia J.
A healthy breakfast makes a slow breaking of the nights fast – it doesn't contain alot of sugar, but still alot of nutrients. I advocate eating no sugar in the mornings instead oatmeal, seeds and nut and a little protein, but nothing to heavy. Eat sugar for lunch if anything and avoid before bedtime as well.

Jarin G.
I always prefer egg for breakfast cause it's healthy & easily available at my home. I like egg & bread as a simple breakfast but sometimes i like to have egg with other foods.