How big is your breakfast?

Jasmin F.
Big enough to keep me going until the next meal. I often have muesli with lots of added seeds, dried fruit, nuts and fresh fruit, with either yoghurt or soy milk. I’m looking forward to when golden kiwi fruit are in season so I can have one chopped up in my breakfast. A good dose of vitamin c.
Joris C.
I usually have a fairly big breakfast because I need it to keep me full for a long time around work. It varies day by day but I try to get the important things: protein, fat, carbs… and lots of veggies or salad.
K8 N.
Not too big . Staying on my WW SASSy diet. Mark my hero ANS with great food to fight the munchies, Salmon…..and huge salad. Dessert? Fruit? Juice bar?
Colleen P.
I am not used to eating breakfast, my daily morning intake would normally be just a cup of coffee. Now that I've started my routine I began small, I eat some yoghurt with granola or a fruit, and when I have a little extra time some whole grain toasts.
Laura S.
It changes. A bowl of healthy cereal or porridge. I try to add fruit to keep it interesting. I treat myself on the weekends with pancakes!
Aisling P.
I try to have something that will keep me feeling full for a few hours, because I have a physical job. My go to would be scrambled eggs, brown toast and some avocado. I also enjoy porridge with yoghurt, nuts & fruit on top😋
Maria Q.
My breakfast is small and simple, its form by using this rule: it has to be fast (wont take more then 15 min to make, has to be nutritious an last be not least delicious and with this in mind I let you go cause my breakfast is calling me!!!
Yehudi Q.
My breakfast is normally pretty small. I generally bring some fruit and peanut butter to work with me, and healthy snacks like nuts dried fruit or veggies for when I start getting hungry. I don't have much time for a very large or complicated breakfast in the mornings.
Sandra P.
Not very big but definitely filling. I make a bowl of oatmeal with a banana each morning, it’s tasty, wholesome, and I don’t get tired of it!
Passifolia N.
I usually eat a 400-calorie, high protein breakfast. I’m currently on a ketogenic diet and am eating a slightly smaller portion than I might usually. When I’m not dieting I don’t eat breakfast because I do 16:8 intermittent fasting and don’t eat until 1 in the afternoon.
Etelvina Q.
It’s big sometimes and small when I’m in a rush. It depends if I oversleep or if I went to bed late. Usually when I skip morning class is when I can eat breakfast easier.
Luc Nio Q.
I had healthy pancakes made with tapioca flour and egg whites, ham and cheese. 700ml of water mixed with a natural energy drink, and a immunity booster.
Betsy N.
I aim to have a 2-egg meal every morning. Often that will be a simple omelette with nice family be herbs, mushrooms and sautéed greens. Other days it may be 2 hard boiled eggs. I always have hb eggs available so there will be no excuse to skip a meal.
Harper P.
The amount of breakfast I eat depends on my hunger level! Sometimes I need a larger meal, other times, it might be something very light and simple!
Brittany N.
It honestly varies by day. Some mornings I wake up really hungry and can eat a decent amount. Other mornings I realize I need to eat something small in order to get my appetite activated
Lailah B.
depends how hungry i am. sometimes i’ll just have a quick banana or apple but other times i’ll make myself a nice big smoothie or something.
Michelle X.
Lately I’ve been making protein smoothies for breakfast. I’ll add some fruits and a spinach or kale or leafy greens. It usually makes 20 to 22 ounces.
Bekir H.
I usually eat muesli with almond milk (because it’s easy on the stomach early in the morning), a big glass of water, coffee (again with almond milk or any other type of plant based milk) and some fruits or nuts. I sometimes get a little nauseous in the morning because of all the liquids i am putting in my body. I found out that eating carrots hydrates me and it doesn’t make me feel bloated. Always eat your breakfast in peace and really take the time to consume all the positive energy that you will need throughout the day. I wish you all the best!
Angie E.
As of right now this is what my breakfast:

1. 1 hard boiled egg
2. Oatmeal
3. Black coffee

And that helps get through the morning. Until 12. 🙂