Do you have to eat veggies during breakfast?

Steve O.
No, instead I had a red velvet Poptart. My family doesn’t really keep fresh vegetables in the house and rarely fruits, so I don’t have access to vegetables that aren’t canned usually. I should start buying fresh vegetables to replace the canned goods.
Charlotte L.
I don’t think it’s really necessary, just make sure your breakfast is nutritious, for example you could make yourself egg toast with smoothie, or avocado with salad.
Reiko N.
I usually eat like grains or fruit for breakfast but when i eat eggs avocado or like breah with smth i do like to include vegetables especially cucumbers bc they’re really tasty for me and just gives this extra sparkle in the food xd but yeah i probably should eat more veggies for breakfast i think it’ll help
Caylee T.
I don’t think so, if you would like to include it in your breakfast it’s fine, however I don’t think you have too. You could go for other healthy options such as fruits, oats, eggs, etc,
Dawn O.
I simply can't because my mom cooks me breakfast and I have to go to school so it would take too long to prepare vegetables
Jacob T.
Not necessarily, if it doesn't fit the breakfast you want to have, leave the veggies for other meals and integrate fruit into your breakfast instead!
Albert C.
no, i find fruit tastes better and is more of a morning food. veggies are for lunch and dinner. i think they are heavier in the stomach.
Asta W.
No. You want to eat protein so that it will sustain you throughout the day. Veggies are nice but not 10% necessary for breakfast
Mathilde C.
Not usually. Most of the time I just try to grab something quick and head out. I only cook breakfast on the weekends and even then, I'm not very creative when it comes to vegetables.
Bessie J.
Of course you don’t have to eat veggies at breakfast, but it is very healthy and quite delicious. I usually put spinach in my eggs or avocado and greens into a breakfast smoothie!
Ambre E.
Personally i never eat veggies because i have cereal in the morning, but if you like eating veggies you can. Its your choice.
Marine C.
No not at all! Veggies aren’t the only important thing to eat, protein and fruit is really important to have during breakfast. I like eggs with cheese and spinach or toast with peanut butter and banana slices
Malone T.
I usually don’t; I eat a fruit instead. I think it’s pretty good to eat a variety or colors and type of veggies during the day, and I personally like to squeeze more of those in at dinner.
Terry T.
I think it’s more important to eat enough vegetables in a day to get the needed nutrition, it doesn’t necessarily have to be at breakfast. A healthy option like fruits, oatmeal, avocado toast, etc, is always a great idea for breakfast, too.
Taimara Q.
Eating veggies at breakfast is a healthy habit. I often like to eat homemade scones or muffins or other breads. Sometimes I like to eat eggs with toast and sometimes I like fruit smoothies, and sometimes I like to add veggies to my plate. For me, it's just important to eat something that is healthy and tasty to get me going.
Lice A.
"Have to"? No.

However, I find that incorporating vegetables into my breakfast not only completes the look of my plate, but it also helps provide the balance of nourishment in terms of the food groups which personally improves my digestive health.

We often make the mistake of thinking that certain foods are "breakfast" foods when actually, the first food you eat in the morning 'breaks the fast'.

Incorporating vegetables into my breakfast meal ensures that I am providing my body with all the nutrients and fuel it needs for the morning while setting the tone for the rest of the day.

Sebastian Z.
Not at all! Eat the breakfast that feels right for you – eggs, nuts or oats are anything really. It could be veggies but it doesn't have to be!
Diane Q.
It isn't necessary to consume protein rich food. You can veggies in many form, play with ingredients and create delicious breakfast. Like, omelette veggies sandwhich or a healthy smoothie to kick start your day on a positive note. As breakfast is the first meal of the day, try to have protein rich food as much as possible and the heaviest meal of the day also should be your breakfast. It gives you energy throughput your day. Start with a fruit or anything in the early morning followed by you Breakfast
Liv J.
Change up your breakfast, is the simple answer. One day maybe have a bowl of ceral, the next toast or a bagel, then a full English at the weekend. Try some a fruit breakfast, it just all the fruit you want, granola and whatever yogurt you want. I usually eat in front of the tv so it’s not silent, or catch up on social media.
Margo I.
Sometimes, most of the time i eat bread with nutella but now i started to eat a healty breakfast: oatmeal, toast with avocado 🥑 or yoghurt with fruit. I hope this is an anwer to your question. Good luck with your journey!💫
Gertrud Z.
No, I don’t do that personally because I don’t have much time in the morning. I do try to fit in some strawberries or other fruit sometimes though, but I don’t think that eating something you don’t want to eat will make you want to continue with that habit. Have a good day!
N Rio E.
No you don’t because it’s not necessary for a good breakfast. You really could just eat a bacon egg and cheese with a glass of milk and a banana and you’re good.
Ruth N.
No not always! The definition of great breakfast changes depending on where i am at in my journey. Sometimes, a great breakfast is a super healthy one that has lots of veggies. Other times, a great breakfast is cereal. What is most important is that you’re feeding your body, and if all you can manage is cereal, then eat cereal! Once time passes, and you have the energy, you can work on the veggies. I personally try to make sure I have plenty of protein & fiber in the morning! Being healthy isn’t just about vegetables. Complete your tasks knowing you’re doing great, by completing the task!
Tynka G.
You don't have to, but they're healthy! You can replace them with some fruits. Sometimes a breakfast is sweet, so then you won't really throw a cucumber in there
Liva B.
No I don’t. I have just made it a habit to have a healthy breakfast, so I haven’t really focused on specifics. Also when I think about veggies I think about lunch or dinner, not breakfast. I have started having a lot of fruits with my breakfast though.
Bella P.
Not necessarily …since am an indian the food I usually have in morning is dosa and with any side dish which is usually rich in protein and sometimes I try to add egg to my breakfast so I think it is not necessary if u are adding other substitutes which are healthy too
Marceau O.
In my opinion, you don't. Unless you're trying to eat less sugar or just be more healthy in general, you can have whatever you want for breakfast. Make sure you do eat healthy sometimes though. Maybe have a "healthy" breakfast every day except Friday and Sunday.
Kenzi U.
Not necessarily I’d say because to have a healthy breakfast you can just have eggs and fruits for example or even more simpler food like nuts. However, you can absolutely eat veggies for breakfast if you would like. If anything it’s better!!!
Ronilda Z.
I don’t always have the biggest breakfast because of having to wake up at 2:30am for work, but when I can, I love eating veggies whenever I can. Breakfast is just hard for me because I’m not that hungry when I wake up.
Emil Z.
No to have a healthy breakfast you don’t have to have veggies or fruit you can find a recipe that works for you and find better alternatives for example instead of having normal milk for maybe pancakes you could have oat milk
Christiana X.
for breakfast what is really necessary is your carbs and fruit which will provide energy for the day. lunch and dinner are meals where vegetables are more prioritized. if you enjoy eating vegetables with your breakfast, that’s great! but don’t stress it. i like to stick to healthy fats and complex carbs. a good breakfast is avocado toast with a fried egg and a serving of fruit. you can really mix it up with oatmeal and yogurts too! just try to stay away from anything too sweet (muffins, pancakes, donuts, etc.)
Delmar N.
no, but i think some sort of veggie or fruit with breakfast is ideal because they both have lots of vitamins and minerals
Mara Z.
Why do you need veggies/vitamin, or meat? Because all these things help your cells function, your nerve system, skin, eyes, bones, ypur whole system is *dependent* on the nature of the food you eat. Food can make you happy or angry, it will change your state for good or bad, depending on how you use it. So please take your time to research what you need. It is important at what time you eat what, but for breakfast, eat veggies for health AND protein for strenght AND carbs for longlasting energy. 🙂
Scarlett F.
Its better to do something poorly than to do nothing. So if eating veggies stops you from eating breakfast than no you dont have to eat them
Gabrielle Z.
I guess you can, but I typically use breakfast as a time to enjoy fruit, since I typically won't have strawberries or banana during lunch or dinner.
Sandro E.
No, not always. It would probably benefit a lot if you ate veggies during breakfast. I would say as long you have something with a lot of protein. Also drink water to get energy for the morning.
Elliot A.
No, breakfast is the meal that starts off your day. Some days yes maybe fruits and vegetables are on the menu however – sometimes pancakes, waffles, cereal or a few pieces of cheese will give you the same result!
Lucr Cia Q.
Vegetables are always a great option, no matter what time of day, but it's important to use breakfast time as a chance to fuel your brain and body for the day ahead when you're eating breakfast. That means healthy protein should be a priority for that first meal of the day. Many cultures eat vegetables for breakfast, and there's no reason we can't either. By eating them for breakfast, you're fitting in those important servings and getting more fiber and more nutrients to boost your day. Plus you can cut down on unwanted calories by filling up on these plant foods.” Eating a good amount of vegetables each day is important. They are not only nutritious, but may also offer protection against various diseases, including diabetes, obesity, heart disease and even certain types of cancers. Most people suggest that the more vegetables you eat, the better.
Ann U.
You don't have to do anything. But if you like vegetables it's a good idea to add some to your breakfast or even better replace something not that healthy.
Kasia S.
Yas, i always some veggies on my bowl, but often i have a problem with this chellange, because sometimes i don't have any veggies in fridge. Then i eat fruits and It s actually okey.
Ellie F.
I think that eating veggies for breakfast can encourage eating healthier in all aspects of eating. It is not mandatory but could be beneficial.
Simon Z.
Most breakfasts! If not I make sure there’s fruits for a quick burst of healthy sugars to get my brain running in the morning. I love having pan roasted veggies drizzled in just a little bit of olive oil, salt & pepper served with eggs & a meat like bacon or some sausages. I’ll switch up from zucchinis, all kinds of squashes, potatoes, or peppers!
Brikejda G.
Of course .i usually eat apple orange lemon water without sugar.Every kind of veggies or fruit. I hope i helped you.Keep going
Julie X.
Well I am a vegetarian bc I a cant eat meat due to allergies. But id rather prefer eating more protein oriented foods like peanut butter on a bagel or nice ol' eggs in the morning and have fruits and vegetables more towards lunch. And then grainy foods at night
Heinz Josef Y.
You don’t have to eat veggies during breakfast, but it should be something to consider, since veggies are healthy and good for your body. To be honest, I haven’t started eating veggies during breakfast, but I’m hoping to develop that good habit soon.
Caroline U.
You don’t have to. However, it’s is a great way to kickstart your metabolism for the day. We often have this thought that it won’t be filling but it can be.
Ayanna N.
I don’t because I don’t like vegetables but I want to improve on that. If u want to you can but you don’t have to unless ur on a diet or fasting.
Misty F.
Absolutely not. Breakfast is legitimately not as important as it's often pushed to be, unless you're on a farm and using a lot of your energy from the start of the day all the way to the end. Cereal brands ran campaigns to convince people it was more important and necessary than it is.
However, breakfast nice. Veggies or no, it's a pleasant way to wake up.
Barry Z.
No, actually, not usually. I guess there aren’t many popular recipes with veggies so I haven’t really thought about it. I do have fruit sometimes. I’m not sure what veggies are healthy for the mornings or which ones give lots of energy. I will definitely think about this.
Ashanti J.
Veggies are a good source of protein and protein is a good kick to start your morning as it raises your brains tyrosine levels and give you energy. So you don’t necessarily have to have eat veggies during breakfast but I would recommend adding protein foods to your breakfast. Hope this helps. Good luck 🤞🏾❤️🍀
Katelyn T.
I save my veggies for snacks and incorporate them for dinner . I don’t think there is a right or wrong way to consuming veggies rather it’s in the morning or throughout the day. My personal preference is because I haven’t found any veggies aside from avocado that I enjoy in the morning .
Ashley E.
Yes, that is what I try to follow most of the days. Though even on days when it seems to be busy a simple sandwich with a few veggies does the job of a great healthy breakfast.
Newfound O.
If you’d like, then that’s fine.
It’s all up to preference.

You can still fuel your body as long as some provisions (aka ground food) are going into it. Doesn’t have to be celery or kale

But maybe strawberries or watermelons.

It’s all up to you and how your body feels day by day

Leta Q.
You don’t have to but it’s not a bad idea. Vegetables give you more energy for longer time. They also help you not have troubles in the bathroom.
Alexis P.
No, so long as you can get the same nutrients from fruits. I prefer fruits than vegetables for breakfast. I can have veggies for lunch and dinner
Jj E.
Technically, you don't have to eat veggies for breakfast, but it does help get those veggies in during the day. I like to throw some spinach in a smoothie and some green peppers in my eggs.
Wolfgang X.
Not necessarily. What you need is a balanced diet. Proteins and fibers help you stay satiated during the morning, but two eggs or anything similar are good enough
Brook N.
No vegetables are not necessary to have a nutritious breakfast. There are other options such as wheat bread, fruits, nuts , oats and many other options that can be considered for part of your healthy breakfast. Vegetables are a good source of nutrient but not the only option nor a necessity.
Arissa A.
During breakfast, you don't really need to force yourself to eat veggies. but in my opinion, its the better to eat them to have a healthy day all along.
Nu A X.
Usually i try to have some veggies yes, but if i have some homemade pasteries, then i will gladly eat those. Like today, I'm eating cinnamon rolls, that my brother made. And I don't even feel guilty about it, I'm loving it hahaha
Hedvig N.
I guess not but it is a good start to the day. As a vegetarian I know im going to get my vegies in during the day, but otherwise breakfast is a good time to add some greens. On your sandwich or as a side.
Holly F.
I like to add atleast one Veg to my breakfast if what am making can accommodate it, a veggie or a fruit. If am making an omelet, I add multiple veggies , carrots, onions, peppers but if am having oats or muesli I will add some berries .
Lukas C.
You don't have to eat anything exclusively.

I prefer eating fruits for breakfast, and that is currently my diet.

I have veggies for lunch and later. I think that's my perfect combination. I'll try out other permutations of diet later. You try out different breakfasts and figure out what's best for you

Ellei N.
Personally I wouldn’t include veggies in a breakfast other than mushrooms in an inlet or something. However a smoothie bowl with fruits in would be ideal or watermelon in the summer.
Siri J.
Yes! Always! Maybe I’ll do a green smoothie with fruits and spinach and kale, or I’ll put tomatoes, cucumber or peppers on my toast along with my daily avocado! Breakfast is the easiest meal to come up with new interesting combinations out of things you enjoy!
Immo Z.
You don't have to, but its also not impossible. there are some vegetables it's easy to incorporate into a healthy breakfast. Sliced tomatoes with scrambled eggs, peppers and onions in an omelet, avocado on toast. You can incorporate a preservative and sugar free salsa into scrambled eggs or a breakfast casserole. There are a lot of ways to "sneak" vegetables into your breakfast!
Ana S Y.
Yes, because the breakfast is the most important meal of the day and it gives us the necessary energy to start the day. Veggies have a lot of vitamins to help our body throughout the day.
Misty C.
Not always, but it's good to get vegetables in early sometimes. It's recommended to have vegetables with every meal, but sometimes you may not feel like it. There are always vegetables you can eat to make it breakfast-esque, like celery, raw broccoli, or kale.
Liis X.
It would be better if you’d eat veggies during breakfast. Even a like goes a long way if this would be the only time of day you eat greens. Knowing you did something right for your body from the start of the day is a good motivator.
Jasmine N.
no i don’t, i’m not used to a big breakfast so the biggest breakfast i’ll probably go for would be eggs and toast. I also feel like veggies are mostly for lunch or dinner, having them for breakfast would be kind of odd for me!
Elise Z.
Yes of course. I always eat vegetables during breakfast. My favourite vegetables are tomato,ladies fingers and pumpkin.🍅
Thomas Y.
I don't think you have to eat veggies at breakfast, in fact, I can't really think of any veggies that I would commonly eat at breakfast. Although I did used to add greens to my smoothie, but I haven't done that in a while – like several years. Maybe aim for a serving or two of veggies for snacks, and with lunch and dinner.
Haritima Z.
Not like you have to but it's a good option to have a protein and fibre rice breakfast including veggies. Your breakfast is the first meal of the day so as much as it is necessary for it to be healthy and filling, it must also be something you enjoy, something you look forward to. So you obviously can include your favorite veggies, fruits, nuts, dairy product, fresh juices, smoothie bowls etc. Anything that gives your day a healthy and tasty kickstart !
Judith P.
Not really ! Just your stomach should be full whatever you eat , But don't eat junk in morning it will make you less energetic, veggies is optional atleast in my case . There is quote by some author I don't know who exactly- " Breakfast should be like King, Lunch should be like Prince ,and Dinner should be like beggar ".
Zkan X.
Sometimes ı eat veggies during breakfast but generally ı eat fruit or drink fruit juice (no processed) with my breakfast
Chlo Y.
I myself don't normally eat veggies for breakfast. I drink water first thing, and a small cup of coffee. I like to have fruit, or healthy cereal, and some toast with jelly and milk. As long as it's healthy and filling, long enough till your next meal. But it's all preference really!
Betino Z.
You don't always have to eat vegetables. It is very healthy, but that doesn't mean you have to eat them all the time. You can try, once in two days, or three times a week. However you like. So the answer is no, you don't have to eat vegetables in every breakfast.
Angela F.
Eating veggies is never a bad idea. And leafy greens are easy to add to eggs. So our tomatoes and onions and peppers and multiple other delicious options
Chanel E.
You don’t necessarily have to but it’s best that you do. To get as much nutrients as you need to start your day off on the right foot.
Natalija J.
my mom will give me fruits and vegetables during breakfast when she is home, but when it’s just me, i try to eat healthier. sometimes i’m just not motivated and end up eating a cinnamon roll..
Eleanor T.
You don’t ‘have’ to eat anything you don’t want to. But that’s probably not what you want to hear. I don’t like eating veggies for breakfast, but I make sure to have enough with my other meals to compensate. I’d say as long as you get the nutrients you need, there’s no need to not enjoy your food.
Valerie J.
You don't HAVE to eat anything. But it's important to have nutritious food that makes you feel full. Veggies work cause they have high nutritional value, while being low in calories and they are extremely fulfilling too. But eggs make for great breakfast too. Or oatmeal or toast or whatever you like that is healthy.
Rom B.
No, I don’t have to eat my vegetables at Breakfast, some days I eat Spinach in the morning in like a smoothie or something. I mostly eat vegetables around Lunch/Dinner.
Sofia Z.
Some vegetables are great for fiber, some are great for iron, and some are great for protein. Fiber is important for healthy digestion, so it's a good thing to include in your breakfast to get your body off to a good start in the morning. But you don't need veggies for any of these nutrients, necessarily. My breakfast most mornings is just 3 eggs, which are very nutritious and amazing for protein. You could have eggs and some fruit instead of vegetables to get your daily protein and fiber going. Iron is important too, but only to make sure you have enough to clear the bar for what's healthy for you throughout your days.
Leyla E.
You don’t have to, but you obviously could. I prefer greens and berries and fruits over veggies during breakfast, i find eating veggies during lunch or dinner is more beneficial.
Mathys Q.
yes! i love having mushrooms and tomatoes with my breakfast. i do change it up a bit during the week because i don’t always want the same
Adrian Y.
I don’t have to eat veggies during breakfast but I do think they are a great addition to your breakfast mea, I say this because part of the treason why I decided to change was to change the way I looked and eat and the only way was to eat healthy
Shane F.
I like the taste of fresh, cold vegetables. They are ever so slightly sweet and have a satisfying crunch. They are also easy to portion and pack for breakfast or a snack, along with a small bit of cheese or nuts.
Damas E.
It is not necessary you have to eat veggies during breakfast. But it is a good start to your day and it makes your breakfast healthy. It will also allow you to keep up your veggie content for that day.
Alyssia A.
It is a healthy choice, but not necessary. It is better to think about the most important groups or types of nutrients and then picking foods from each one to eat.
Things like grains, protein and sugars that digest slowly (fruit) are more important. But if you're talking about legumes like beans or peas (at least I think that's a legume), then they will give you much of the nutrients you need in the morning.
Frieder Q.
I don’t usually eat vegetables during breakfast, however, once in a while, I make sandwich with spinach, avocado, cucumbers and tomatoes
Aubrey S.
No but sometimes it is easy to fit in the breakfast. When i’m in a hurry i might only have time for some cereal and milk, but like when i make a sandwich i can just cut up some cucumber or bellpepers and incorporate some veggies anyways! So i actually try to do that at most times, but it’s not obligated, sometimes i skip.
Becky Z.
Personally, I don’t always eat a veggie with breakfast but I do try to include protein. It helps me stay fuller longer. A mid morning snack is a great time to get that first vegetable in. Hope this helps.
Nestor On A Quester N.
Of course. And no. Everyone’s got free will. But not everyone has the energy to express their will freely. With veggies, The energy gives us a chance to smile at ease and think clearly before running into our mental patterns. A healthy gut is a healthy brain 🧠
Sebi N.
I don’t think I could but depends on which veggies. In the past I have had tomatoes and cucumbers along with cheese on a piece of toast. The other options is to make a combination of vegetable and fruit smoothies. No such thing as have to but if you feel like it there is nothing wrong with that.
Erica J.
It is a great thing to add to your first meal of the day. But if you don't have any or really really don't feel like it, a breakfast without veggies is better than no breakfast at all. Just try to not avoid them too often!
Marcelle N.
Not necessarily, although it can be healthier, and, depending on your taste, make your breakfast tastier. For instance, I like to use some veggies in my scrambled eggs in the morning because they give it an extra special taste. In addition to that, I try to eat fruit before breakfast (when I workout earlier than my time to eat), or with breakfast (e.g. toast, scrambled eggs + fruit). So, I mean, it all depends on what you want out of it, but it is healthier for sure. Also, it depends on the food and the time one have to prepare it. But, overall, I try to eat it as frequently as possible.
Theodore Z.
Well for as long as I know, if we eat fruits or some "easy" foods, which take less energy to consume then we have enough energy for the day. Eating vegetables and fruits are important, but you don't have to eat on a daily basis for every breakfast a vegetable. You can eat fruits sometimes for the change so your body will get all the vitamins and proteins it needs.
Viktoria M.
I didn’t sleep well like at all. My mental health feels to be worse than before and last night was no different. I felt drained and didn’t bother making a fancy breakfast. I just made a protein shake so yeah
Brielle R.
Have to isn’t the right word. Could you to incorporate more veggies into your diet? Absolutely! But it’s also okay to stick with fruits as well.
Mrs Unfortunate N.
Sometimes , I like spinach and tomato in my eggs sometimes other times I like sweet potatoes and mixed greens with a lemon dressing.
June C.
I don’t think so. You don’t even need a super healthy breakfast every day! a chocolate muffin is perfectly fine once in a while! and I think that as long as you eat veggies for lunch and dinner you don’t always need them in your breakfast. an omelette with veggies is pretty tasty though 🤤
Sophie P.
It’s a personal choice, really. I usually don’t have vegetables with my breakfast because I like having porridge (which I don’t think would go too nicely with most vegetables).

However, if you want to add vegetables to your breakfast there are plenty of meals available where this is possible. You can do this by having something like a breakfast burrito with bell pepper as one of the fillings.

Annie O.
I don’t have to, it is everyone’s choice what to eat for breakfast. I personally don’t, either I eat cereal or Bread with A toping.
August N.
No, you don’t have to, as long as you have a balanced diet and acceptable caloric intake, it does not matter much, at which time you consume veggies.
Heidi Z.
You don't have to. I tend to lean more towards fruit during breakfast but I do enjoy mushrooms, onions, bell peppers, and sometimes spinach if I choose to do something like an omelet or egg scramble.
Nina C.
You don't have to. But it dies make it easier to get 5-7 servings per day if you start early! I do it by adding spinach or baby kale to my breakfast smoothies.
Mathias U.
No, it isn’t an inviolable rule that you must eat vegetables at breakfast, but getting in fiber, protein, and good fats at each meal is really important for satiety and satisfaction. Vegetables can add some or all of these and there are tons of breakfast friendly ways to use them. Avocado toast, spinach in smoothies, not to mention omelets with veggies
Ma Lia T.
I wouldn't say you have to eat veggies during breakfast, but it's certainly a good idea to give you good nutrients. As a rule of thumb, it's best to include protein such as eggs or nuts, and simple carbohydrates (which give you long lasting energy) such as bread or oats into your daily breakfast. Fruit is also a good idea as it has lots of fibres to kick-start your digestive process.
Grace N.
Personally I would say no. A great breakfast should consist of fruit, because it can help with staying hydrated. It should also have protein to keep you going with the energy. It would probably be good to have veggies with breakfast, but if I were you I wouldn’t worry about it. I hope this helped and I hope you have a great day!
Isabel N.
Well truth be told not really. Honesty i am much better off with fruits to start my day and that works much better for my body.
Austra N.
I think it’s good to eat some fruit of something fresh in the morning, but you have to remember about carbs and nutrients. Maybe vegetables are not enough for breakfast. They’re definitely better alternative than doughnuts or sugary cereal.
Nanna U.
Yes, because vegetables have a lot to offer when it comes to giving your body what it needs to nurture and grow. It has a lot of vitamins that could benefit you for a long time and help you get through your day.
Katharine Q.
It depends but the more veggies you eat the healthier you get so my answer is you should eat them not always but frequently

Health is wealth

Lily Z.
I am not told to eat veggies for breakfast but sometimes when there are veggies on the dining table I like to eat it with my breakfast but I don’t always eat those veggies on the dining table with my breakfast only sometimes when I feel like it!
Kim S.
No I don't think so. In a smoothie it would be acceptable but I don't think that you have to eat it necessarily for breakfast. I would rather eat a carrot or something as a snak for work or school or some veggies for lunch or dinner but not Breakfast
L Rke W.
I mean there some omelets recipes call for veggies. And oftentimes veggies cooked into an omelet help enhance the flavor in my experience.
Erik U.
Yes, I consider eating veggies an important step in confronting the things I don't like. Over time, my body gets more accustomed to the veggies, which then benefits my overall health.
Andreea N.
It is really good too eat veggies during breakfast but i personally don't like any tipe of veggies but it is your decision.
Royal G.
Honestly no, I mainly eat fruits in the morning and afternoon but for dinner, I would have corn, green beans or maybe baked broccoli.
Benjamin Z.
No, I think you can eat a perfectly healthy breakfast without vegetables. Just make sure you get some at lunch or dinner.
Shivam G.
No not majorly or I can say a very few time a week as I generally take a heavy Indian breakfast in the morning 😋, but if you say so than I will definitely give it a shot
Sheila E.
Personally I don’t. I try to have a good source of carbs, proteins, and fruit so that I have enough energy to keep going until lunch.
Jeryka O.
Yes because they are full of the nutrients you need as well as fiber and enough carbs to give you energy to make it through the day.?
Edna I.
It's not necessary, oat slow carbs and proteins to start out the day is perfect. However some cucumbers and tomatoes don't hurt.
Leah W.
No, but I prefer have lots of colorful fruits, then having a bunch of veggies in the afternoon. I like the versatility of fruits that veggies can't give, but I also eat a lot of celery and spinach sometimes too!
Genine O.
Sometimes I do but most of the time I don’t. I usually don’t eat breakfast and when I do it’s just a protein shake. When I’m out of town I usually have some carrot and broccoli for breakfast. I hope this answers your question.
Brittney J.
Personally, I don't. But I do try to get my recommended daily intake. I do fruit with breakfast and lunch. I do veggies for lunch and dinner.
Sarah Z.
Personally, I do. I need a lot of fiber in my diet, so greens at the start of my day helps prep my body for healthy digestion.
Delores F.
I usually don’t, I just dislike having vegetables in my breakfast. I enjoy something plain like toast or cereal for breakfast, so me stomach doesn’t get upset 🙂
Shannon Y.
I'd say no. I try to eat a simple yogurt Sunday. Some Grenola, frozen fruit without syrup and a scoop or two of some healthy yogurt. Helps the sweet tooth and good for me🥰
Sczeane Q.
No. Breakfast is subjective. It's not necessary for breakfast. But, as long as you incorporate veggies in your foods for the day and meet the requirements for the body to be healthy.
Raisa U.
It's optional, but it's better if you have some veggies in there, to get your digestive system up and running and being full longer throughout the day
Pepper N.
You don’t have to but veggies are never a bad idea and there is never a bad time for veggies ☺️ They are always good for you
Leona U.
I don’t think so. I believe a Protein and Fruit based breakfast is better for Sustenance during the day. While vegetables are more suited for lunch and dinner.
Gary J.
No necessarily. A healthy breakfast is completely optional. You can choose to eat something that you like, but only make it a mild portion. Don't eat snack foods or junk foods. A simple egg is already a healthy option for breakfast.
Asma Z.
Nop or sometimes yes. Well if i found them then yes. And I'm 19 who lives with her parents so yeah only if my parents want them
Ian E.
Yes, I always eat veggies because I am a vegaterian and that makes me feel good and powerfull cause not every one can keep it up and I don't feel good when I know I have eated a animal that didn't know he was going to die to eat.
Terry N.
I probably should but I rather not. It doesn’t taste the best to me in the morning and would prefer it for lunch or dinner. So the answer is no.
Abhisek C.
Only veggies. I don't like the idea of getting up in the morning and eat non- veg. Veg is more pure and help you keep a positive attitude towards the morning. If not for you, at least, it is for me.
Timeo Z.
Honestly that is completely up to you. A good omelette with some veggies in it is quite good or maybe juice that contain some veggies in them like celery. It’s whatever works for you if you feel like you’ll enjoy eating breakfast by eating fruit then eat some fruit or if you like granola eat some granola or some yogurt. I struggle with eating breakfast in the morning and I’m currently trying to find what best works for me. I personally love fruit smoothies, so remember it’s important to find what best works for you.
Jeffery F.
As i see it yes we should eat veggies during breakfast because fruits and vegetables are very good for our health as it contains alot of proteins and nutrients which is very beneficial to our body.
Townsend E.
Eating veggies in your breakfast is not something you have to do. But, it is always a good addition to help you start your day!
Tina U.
In the morning ı prefer something that will give energy so I dont eat much veggies in the morning, usually I eat a toast with cheese and salami but some tomatoes would be good with it too!
Viriato P.
No. But I do look for opportunities to get some into a meal when appropriate. Especially if you can replace an unhealthy something with them.
Emine T.
It really depends on the breakfast I had planned for that week. So the answer is yes, I try to eat friendly veggies like carrots, tomatoes in my eggs, or cucumber in my water. You know little things like that.
Jessica X.
I think you don't "have" to do sth. I think you could try something you are already comfortable with during any other meal (like avocados, maybe) and add it to what you already usually have for breakfast. Little by little, you could replace some items for healthier ones.
Audrey U.
dont feel obligated to eat veggies during breakfast if you dont already, instead try things you are used to like toast, cereal or eggs. you could add some raw veggies or cooked ones or even fruit.
Marin O.
I do eat some fruit in the morning, but not vegetables I think. A nice way to eat fruit in the morning for me is to put it in the food. For example a banana in your yogurt or blueberries in your porridge.
Pascoal Q.
If you like to eat veggies at the morning its okay you can eat what ever you want, and everything that contains proteins is good for you in the morning it will give you energy more to work all the day as you like
Filippa X.
You don’t have to, but you do have to try and eat enough veggies everyday. What works for me is adding a few veggies and a bit of fruit in a smoothie and drink is for breakfast!
Duane E.
Do you want to increase the amount of veggies you eat during the day? You could do omelets with carrots in it or add tomatoes to your morning sandwich.
Clara G.
Not necessarily. I usually have a fruit smoothie and two boil eggs for breakfast. Somedays a tuna and cucumber salad. Or cereal with coconut milk totally depends on you
Jimmie S.
You have to eat veggies during breakfast. Because it will boost your energy and give vitamins to your body that will improve not only your immune system but also your overall well-being.
Eloise N.
I don’t, and I don’t think it’s necessary. I like to have smaller breakfasts that are more protein heavy, and then I’ll eat a lot of vegetables for lunch and dinner.
June O.
Absolutely not. You eat whatever you want. Not that many good breakfast meals have veggies in them anyway. Still good to eat veggies but doesn't have to be at breakfast.
Carl C.
Not necessarily. Veggies are good for you but they aren't sweet which is how I like my breakfasts. Not opposed, but not pro either.
Neil J.
When I was on a strong health kick last year I tried to incorporate fruits and veggies during breakfast and lunch (trying to be mostly plant based) leaving the evening meals for more freedom of what I wanted to choose. For me that is the harder meal to control. Since I work from home it’s easier to control breakfast and lunch. If I do decide to eat protein/whole grains for breakfast then I try to keep some green juice around to go with.
Serenity A.
No you do not. As long as you are having protein and not too much sugar for breakfast, you are doing just what you should!
Francis S.
Hello! My answer to you is simple. You have to, but not everyday, because breakfast has to remain simple and good. But a veggie or two do not harm you! Hope my answer helped! Stay fabulous 🙂
Sina O.
Not necessarily especially when we just started to build up habits to change. Remember it's not about 'being the most perfect' right away, it's about maintaining little habits that build up our steps into reaching our goal-self. Trust me, if we instantly expect to eat 'perfect', sleep 'perfect', workout 'perfect', etc. , We won't be able to go far. Atomic habits that's the lock to a key called DISCIPLINE. Yep, in conclusion, nope, not necessarily.
Meghan N.
Personally, I do not eat vegatabke during breakfast because of two main reasons. One I dislike them and only enjoy a select few amount of vegetables. Two I do not feel like they are necessary since fruits and nuts give much more energy to keep me going until lunch.
Beatriz P.
I wouldn’t think so, as breakfast is the first meal of the day and therefore usually less heavy than the others. You can implement veggies on your lunch or/and dinner to maintain stable energy levels throughout the day!
Ana Maria G.
I personally don't. I have something with protein and fibre like oatmeal with seeds and nuts (but not with too much sugar). I don't think I could eat veggies in the morning
Sophie B.
I am not professional so i cant give you 100% right answer. Food is something that I still research and explore i dont want to give some wrong advices because food is very important fact of our lives. Veggies are always good, personally I eat them sometimes for breakfast, but i dont eat them every day.
Heidi N.
You don’t HAVE to eat veggies during breakfast, but by doing so, you will get fuller (thanks to fiber and water) and it will keep you satisfied longer. And what about all those vitamins and minerals!? Yes, please.
Caroline Y.
More veggies is always better than less, but which veggies are good at breakfast? Goes along with the glucose spike info I’ve been reading. Basically always eat veggies as the first part of your meal.
Silas Z.
How many of servings of vegetables (green vegetables) do you get in a day? If the answer is less than 3 cups a day, then yes, vegetables at breakfast is necessary. Furthermore, 3 cups per day is the bare minimum, I prefer 5 cups a day.

Vegetables are a buffering and balancing food. Great eating habits are based in focusing on consuming green vegetables. Fiber is necessary, and slow burning carbohydrates are even more necessary.

Thomas Z.
Ibland, borde kanske göra det oftare. Är ganska dålig överlag på att äta grönsaker så frukost kan vara ett bra tillfälle att få in lite mer
Joco Z.
I usually eat fruits instead of vegetables, but I sometimes drink tomato juice during breakfast! 🙂
I don't think you "have to" do anything, I'd rather prefer a breakfast with a lot of things I like than a breakfast that I have to force down, if you know what I mean~
I often eat eggs with bacon, toast and bananas, combined with tomato juice or a smoothie, the perfect mixture of sweet and meat!

My tip: just listen what your appetite tells you and combine it with something bigger that comes to your mind! <3

Yescerritoast N.
i usually don’t eat veggies during breakfast, i end up eating fruit or eggs most of the time. i know fruit leaves me feeling energized and that helps me in the morning and vegetables don’t have that effect on me personally. i don’t know what the answer is from a professional health standpoint, but in my personal life i love eating fruit for breakfast 🙂
Leif F.
No I don’t really think you need to eat vegetables during breakfast to be healthy. You can always make some eggs or a smoothie. But vegetables is a good start to have on your sandwich
Trinity Q.
Depending on what I’m eating for breakfast, yes, I put veggies in it, such as smoothies. I will put kale or avocado in it, sometimes both.
M Ximo P.
I think fruits more then veggies , due i keep in mind regarding the work outs i do when i go to the gym long story short, rather eat eggs and stuff then also rating veggie cause i save them for dinner moment then.
William P.
It isn’t necessary but if you want to eat them do it. What’s important is that you eat in a proper and complete way because all the nutrients are important
Alice Z.
I don't feel like I have to per se, but I definitely prefer salty and savory meals over sweeter things, so I tend to have things with meat/cheese/veggies for breakfast over things like sweets or fruit.
Sebastian Z.
You definitely don’t HAVE to eat veggies at breakfast, but it’s not a bad idea. Veggies are an important part of most balanced meals so if it’s just a veggie fruit smoothie that’s a good way to involve veggies in your morning.
Carrie T.
I don't think so. I love to eat fruit and generally more healthy carbs for breakfast than in any other meals during the day. I think it gives me the perfect kick start.
Brooke R.
I dont think you *have* to eat anything for any meal. The main thing is making sure you’re getting the right nutrients that you need for the day. I think trying to force yourself to eat veggies in the morning (especially if youre someone who doesnt really like veggies) you’re more than likely going to end up just skipping breakfast. Make sure you have plenty of veggies in the rest of your meals for the day if you just cant imagine having veggies in the morning. Find other healthy foods with similar good nutrients, like eggs, beans, fruit, or oatmeal!
Rika C.
Sometimes I have peppers and onion qirh my "just egg" but I don't know what I'd make and I feel like they take long to incorporate in breakfast
Eugene C.
No, but I eat ceral with some strawberries, along with a cup of yogurt mixed with blueberries. I also drink any kind of tea. 🙂
James P.
I don't eat veggies at breakfast. It does not sit well in my stomach. I find the a cereal and milk is a portion large enough to fill my tummy and quick enough to eat before the day starts
Sabila F.
offcourse not anything will do so a cup of tea with bread and jam plus 2 bananas or some times egg with toast is perfect and easy to make for me
Kenzi U.
I think yes u can eat a salad or smthg cuz it will give u loads of energy and will help u throughout the day without getting exhausted.
Mory N.
Not all the time. It’s okay to eat something other than veggies and fruits for breakfast. Take a break and eat some eggs
Ryszard Y.
Of course i do. Veggies have very good benefits such as vitamins. While some vegetables are not the best like potatoes, it's still good to eat them nonetheless! They're also low on calories which is good for people aspiring to lose weight.
Anne N.
I don’t, veggies are important but you can also just eat them at lunch and/or dinner and enjoy some fruit or something for breakfast. Or just something else you enjoy.
Daryl Z.
Not necessarily… but I do. You can simply eat an apple or banana… or a handful of almonds or pumpkin seeds… rasins or craisins… or some goji berries and cacao nibs… preferably something with a LOW glycemic index.
August C.
No, I don’t. Sometimes fruit but not veggies. If you want to eat veggies I can suggest you to eat bread with oil and tomatoes or carrots
Emma A.
I dont think so. I think as long as you're having a balanced breakfast with slow release carbs to do you until lunch time, you're peachy.
Barnab F.
Hey there! I don't think it's necessary, just preferable. Anything that's healthy and will leave you filled and happy goes. (I just had a bowl of oatmeal with yogurt, walnuts sunflower seeds and some raisins. If you don't like raisins, feel free to use a bit of honey, it tastes just as amazing.)
Have a lovely day, my friend!
And good luck on your journey!
Aamey F.
I mainly eat eggs nuts and fruits. 4 eggs a handful of nuts and 2 bananas are my goto. i hope that answers your question.
Mufeedha Z.
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