How soon after you wake up do you eat?

Shirley N.
Well, if you’ve been eating pastries for breakfast then bread and banana is better, but a great breakfast would have some protein and whole grain in it along with fruit. Adding nuts and seeds would make it even better!
Selma W.
It depends whether I have something to do, like work or school. On days that I have school, I eat almost right after I wake up. On weekends, I wake up late and eat a couple hours later. On days that I have work I eat somewhere in between right after and a couple of hours after.
Melissa F.
I drink tea 🫖 and coffee when I get up… so I try to eat within two hours of waking… so I have to get up early.. does that answer your question 🙋‍♀️?
Maya F.
About 15 mins : I go out of bed, then I drink a big glass of water, I do some stretching and then I prepare my breakfast