Any good protein shake options? Actually is there any protein mix I should try leaving the fitness stuff out?

Cynthia T.
I do know a very good protein shake option to incorporate on a well balanced diet without the need for exercise. It is being manufactured by a well known science based health company. 😉
Sharlene P.
You can try use a good protein powder if u wish to encrease protein. If you don't have , add nuts, almonds, peanuts can also use guava, avocado, kiwi, blackberries, spinach, kale , cauliflower. The have a lot of protein
Luka Q.
From what I know the Isolate protein is the best but also the most expensive. You can try the Whey protein it's cheaper. Read the composition to know the amount of protein you will get because some trademarks don't put a lot in it. You should at least get 80% of it. Below it doesn't worth it
Jennifer O.
The only shakes I tried was Shakeology. It was good, but ultimately I stopped drinking it due to nausea during pregnancy.
Matthew Y.
I am not that much into fitness, but when I wake up I do my own shakes with oats, banana, milk, and eggs! It helps me get energized and makes me a lot more focused on my day!
Ukasz J.
Hi 🙂 I'm actually don't use any protein shakes. I'm trying to get all needed proteins from natural foods like chicken turkey fish nuts cottage cheese etc. If you really want to use protein shakes you can buy them anywhere this days and so many different flavours and brands…Try to Google best products for descent price and you will surely find the one you like. Good luck!🙂
Sally X.
I use HappyWay whey protein powder. They don't have that weird after taste that some protein powders have and they have a decent number of different flavours. They also have vegan options too.
Maria C.
The only protein shake I’ve had is Bulk Powders whey protein (I got chocolate and vanilla – chocolate was nice, hated the vanilla, quite sickly). Not sure where you’re based or if Bulk Powders exist where you are (I’m in the UK). Can’t really judge how effective it was since I was never super serious about the gym. One thing I did notice was that there was a lot of calories in it so it was kinda tricky to balance taking protein shakes while trying to lose weight. Just depends on what your goals are I guess. (Not the best answer but again I’m no expert on the gym)