What’s your easy, easy way to get fresh green veggies in your diet?

Martha O.
I like to make myself a salad with my meal. Salads aren't always just leaves and veggies. You can customize it to whatever you want. Maybe add some protein. Try using your favourite salad green and maybe a few more veggies such as pepper and cucumber. And top it off with your favourite homemade vinaigrette. This is such an easy way to have what veggies you need and keep your body healthy. Salad can be had as a side or as a meal in it's self.

Isaac Q.
Salads for lunch and green smoothies to pack in the nutrients. Kale chips are another great way to add those leafy greens into your everyday diet.

M Lissa Y.
I’m not always good at this! For me it helps to preprepare a lot of greens or veggies so that I can grab them just as easily as I would grab a junky snack.

Liliana I.
I try to think about how much healthier I feel when I choose veggie options over meat options. I try to keep lots of fresh fruit and veggies on hand to avoid senseless snacking on convenience items like chips.

Aires Q.
Pretty much no matter what meal I eat I chop up a bunch of vegetables into it.

For example:

Eggs—I first sauté whatever leftover vegetables I have or fresh if there are no leftovers. Anything goes, broccoli, zucchini, cabbage, and often a large portion of salsa that I cook till they are a bit browned. Then I crack an egg on top, put on the lid and steam until done. Nuts or cheese or pickled veggies can add interest.

For soup add a giant handful of chopped or leftover vegetables before I reheat.

Salad with almost every meal.

Jonathan F.
Smoothies (but using the whole veggie blended).
Soups are another good way.
Only buy a week’s supply of veggies when you go to the grocery store. That way they will always be fresh and it’s easier to not feel guilty if you don’t eat enough and have to throw most away. Start small. Add your favorite veggie to every meal and then branch out

Abigail F.
I wish someone could answer that question for me. I do have trouble having an easy way but I try to use only frozen veggies when I’m in a hurry.

Oscar O.
The easiest way is to make them flavorful for my taste buds. Seasoning helps a lot. The second easiest way is to make meals and hide the veggies in them. Like spinach cheese and egg omelettes.

Woldemar T.
Just add them to whatever you're already eating. Chop up a bit of romaine and add it to rice and beans. Sautee some spinach and eat it with chicken. It gets easier when you start doing it. And also, it helps if you buy a bunch, that way you won't want to let them go to waste.

Gretchen F.
Salad myself, with dressings that are food based with quality oils and herbs. Choose a focus vegetable besides the leaves chosen.

Judith F.
I usually have carrots in the house as a snack. Also planning out meals with specific vegetables helps me 1. Eat healthier and 2. Not waste food.

Simara F.
I like to add spinach or kale to smoothies when I don’t have the time to make a salad. I also love adding spinach to scrambled eggs or an omelet in the morning!

Ellie C.
I am not sure I have a science to it, but I love veggies so for me I can add them to any dish, to my eggs, or chicken dishes. I also have tons of frozen veggies to steam with my lunches for work. Also in smoothies I put spinach.
Can't taste it but has alot of benefits to it!

Myrtle P.
Buy some easy veggies like cucumber, romaine lettuce, bell pepper and add to your plate. Cucumber can be sliced on sandwiches with a cheese slicer. No matter what you eat you can have some green/colourful vegetables this way.

Johnni F.
I like to put frozen spinach in a morning smoothie. Frozen vegetables have just the same nutrients but you can buy them in bulk and not worry about them going off.

Melanie F.
At the current time
I have smoothies
Green smoothies
Strawberry banana
Keep bananas
And salad and fruits on hand regularly

William A.
But nutritional leafy greens and have a large salad for lunch. Have a serving of raw or cooked green vegetables that pair well with the main flavour of the meal.

Niklas U.
I like to blend leafy greens (mostly just spinach for me) in a smoothie with sweet fruits to cover the bitter taste. I also like to mix things like peas in with my pasta while I boil it. Veggies are also great for soups! The only green one I use for soups are broccoli for a broccoli cheddar soup. Celery id also good for soup, along with root vegetables especially.

Julia Z.
I love vegetables so it's nothing difficult. However I do like to look at meals online and they usually have veg so it inspires me some more.i mean…. they are so tasty!

Lee F.
I try to put spinach in everything. I put it in my egg bites in the morning, and cook it as a side for lunch. Wilted or steamed spinach is much easier to eat for me as I think it tastes better. It’s so easy to prepare and put into anything! Although I forget sometimes, whenever I cook, I try to add spinach!

Chlo T.
I love green veg! I would suggest preparing them in different ways so they are seen as more versatile and more involved on the overall outcome of the dish

Storm W.
I rid my cupboard of everything that is not necessary. I start cold turkey and I stop eating for pleasure and flavor, and I only eat what my body actually needs. No seasoning, no flavor, just functional sustenance. May not be easy at first but it's the easiest way to make it routine for a while.