What are the ways to prevent drowsiness in the morning other than drinking coffee?

Mimon A.
It may seem a little strange, but I'm a form believer in the power of light. On mornings that I have trouble getting up first thing, I have this one trick that's served me well. As soon as I hear my alarm to wake up, I'll turn on my the lamp beside my bed. In the summers I open up my curtains. That way, even if I snooze my alarm, my brain is still walking up so that, when I do get up, it's not as difficult. It may not sound like much, but if you're having trouble getting energised in the morning, this may help you. Good luck!
Oneida Z.
Jumping jacks to get blood pumping and body awake. Green tea. Ginseng. Citrus essential oils. Yerbe mate tea. Black tea. Protein packed breakfast with healthy fats, not too heavy.
Shawn F.
I find that slow burning energy breakfasts like banana, Bircher and porridge give me energy throughout the morning, and some protein like switched egg help my concentration.
Lorraine O.
Drink some green tea or get you a monster B12 drink it has no caffeine in it. If drink energy drinks that can help or doing some yoga in the morning .
Riley F.
Get good sleep! I mean at least 8 hours of peaceful uninterrupted sleep. Also, I’ve substituted CBD in my morning smoothie in place of coffee, which seems to give a nice burst of energy😎
Tyler F.
Exposing oneself to direct bright sunlight is the best way to combat morning sleepiness.
Gary B.
It's been said many times many ways but to have a merry breakfast, rise the same time every days. After a week you'll be waking up in time to shut off your alarm.
Also, do just a bit of prep for your morning the night before, if not filling the coffee pot then pre-mixing some oatmeal. You'll feel a little grace to your morning, like you have someone clearing your path.
Leroy T.
Wake up at the same time every morning (and try to go to bed at the same time each night)

Drink water to rehydrate

Have a healthy sugar free breakfast

Steve G.
The number one thing you can do to prevent drowsiness is to get adequate nighttime sleep. There is nothing more important than your body getting the proper rest throughout each night. Set a consistent time when you wake up each morning and get your body moving about, that will boost your energy. Eating a good breakfast full of protein and setting consistent healthy mealtimes can also help keep drowsiness away. Drinking water first thing in the morning can help bring hydration back to your body due to the lack of it while you are asleep. Exercising or even moving to an earlier bedtime can also help with drowsiness.
Andrea N.
Don’t snooze ! Moving around first thing is the best thing, usually the first thing I do is go to the bathroom, then drink my water, then make my bed. I’m more likely to not get back into bed this way, and I feel much more awake.
Addison F.
A red apple usually gives me enough boost to go through the morning. Sometimes, I pair it with tea for a small little caffeine boost.
Sasha Y.
I don't drink coffee and I opt for a high protein/fibre diet instead of carb loading. I also run 8km 5 days a way. Since making this change over 2 years ago. I don't feel tired during the day anymore.
Jane O.
Believe it or not, drinking an adequate amount of water to rehydrate in the morning will help. I like to drink a protein smoothie for my breakfast which is a healthy drink to wake you up. Another underrated way to wake up in the morning is exercise! Getting your blood pumping will prepare your body for whatever the day may bring.
Maxence E.
Taking time to start your day right – drinking water, meditation and light excercise e.g. yoga. Destressing my mind will help fatigue and enable me to cope with the stresses of the day.
Jonas Q.
I drink a full glass of water first thing, breakfast with some kind of fruit, and put on a Morning Motivation playlist. The hydration and energetic tunes give me a great boost of energy and positivity.
Solange Q.
The good news is I have never tasted coffee. I have no use for it. Sugary drinks are what have been my issue. Luckily, I have been drinking nothing but water (generally) for years now. Water is life giving, that is based in scripture and I know it is true physically and spiritually. I feel good when I act according to principles based in heath, both physically and spiritually.
Pamela Y.
Drinking water as soon as you wake up, eating a fruit, do a little excersize, taking a shower
Erhard X.
Eat an apple! It makes your body wake up to digest it – doesn't have caffeine but makes you feel awake. Also the tartness of green apples are a good wake up call in your mouth!
Luis E.
First and foremost, getting a good nights sleep, preferably 8 hours is best. After that stay hydrated by drinking water and having a protein packed breakfast helps me.
M Line S.
Dinner and the sleeping hours…. Light alarm is a good option too (check Amazon)… And a very important point is to spend less more time in the park
Rom O P.
Focus on a protein filled breakfast such as eggs, nuts, and nut butters. Protein helps our bodies feel full for longer. And avoid sugary options like sweet muffins and doughnuts. The large amount of sugar will give you a burst of energy, but shortly after your blood sugar will drop low and you will feel tired again. Possibly even more tired than before you had the sweets. Hope that helps.
Charlene J.
Something that helps me is having a plan for the morning (my morning routine) that gets me excited for it. That way when I wake up I have something to do and to look forwards to every single morning
Sara W.
Fresh air will definitely help you. Also note that coffee brings a mild addiction with it, so it takes a couple of days for you to feel fresh without coffee.