Sometimes like on the weekend I don’t eat a great breakfast, like maybe it’s not as healthy as something I’d eat during the work week. I still check it as I ate a great breakfast because somethings better than nothing. Is that OK?

Emilie P.
I would answer this question with another question: does your breakfast have a healthy protein included? From what I remember the habit was to have a breakfast that included a protein that would make you feel full. So long as you feel full for a good 3 hrs and have had some protein, I would feel happy about checking it off!
Aldemar E.
I think it’s not okay to check if we did not eat a great breakfast. Because it gives us the false sense of achievement. Instead we should strive to keep ourselves accountable and be true to ourselves. If we leave it in unchecked, it would give us something to reflect on. Which is helpful to improve ourselves.
Redandblue V.
Of course, it's okay. You might think that you’re cheating in a way, but you're not alone. Sometimes, when I’m swamped with work, I forget to make some of my habits. I those kinds of days, I remember that it’s okay to skip one day, as long as I don't skip 2 in a row.
Edgar E.
Yes of course it is ok. It doesn’t matter if your breakfast is not as healthy occasionally. What you do consistently overall is what matters. One off treats, as long as they don’t become the norm are fine.
Valdemar C.
Sure not you'r lying on ur self
It's ok if someday you skiped this good habit so don't feel sorry
Just try everytime you fail
Bia S.
For me, a great breakfast means not only a health breakfast, but also a meal that makes you feel happy and good with yourself!
If you want to eat that delicious pancake it’s ok for me and still gonna count like great breakfast.
Matt J.
of course! the point isn't to eat something perfectly healthy every time you have breakfast, it's to be mindful of what you're eating and how it fuels you. eating breakfast at all, even if it's a quick oatmeal, is good for you. you should definitely check that box and feel good about doing it. keep up the good work!
Guillaume N.
Sometimes I do that too, I just try to add something else healthy at least, for example some walnuts. So my breakfast is a bit healthier than usual (before this app) and it doesn't take me much more time.
Malou Y.
I think if it’s once in a while, it’s totally fine to eat a less-healthy breakfast and still count it! What’s important is keeping that habit of breakfast. Now if you end up eating donuts every other day, that’s another thing 😉😅
Lexy N.
I do the same. If I’ve eaten at all in the morning, regardless of what it is, I check it, because some days I don’t eat at all and that’s the part that’s not ok. Even if you have a terrible breakfast, you’re putting fuel in your body and just make sure to make up for it later in the day with better for you foods 🙂
Aminadabe Z.
It's fine . At least you eat something for breakfast because breakfast is important you know . Its okay to eat un-healthy food once a week- just dont skip your breakfast okay ? I proud of you .