What is Great Breakfast exactly? How do you manage the menu every day so each meal isn’t interrupted?

Gina Q.
I think it depends on how busy you are! They say eggs and fruit but if you don’t have time, I’ve also done oatmeal with peanut butter and fruit. It takes maybe 2 minutes to prepare and then I can eat it, and even pack it up on the go. Sometimes I add protein powder to the oatmeal to make sure I’m getting enough protein. Sometimes I also add Jelly if I want it to taste a little sweeter that day. So long as you’re eating protein and healthy sugars, I think it’s ok to do whatever suits your needs best.
Lana Y.
Great breakfast is one to energize you and keep you full for the rest of the day. I used to eat little to no breakfast because a proper breakfast would "make me feel gross or overfull". But really if you take the time to have something nice and healthy and filling, then it will energize you and keep you from snacking on unhealthy foods such as chocolate or overeating at dinner, for example.
Mandy N.
A Great Breakfast has a decent amount of protein eg. meat and eggs and low amount of sugar.
Putting the phone aside helps.
Or sharing it with someone you love.
Frederikke X.
I try to get a hearty breakfast rich in protein and fat, but low on sugar. It keeps me full till lunch and provides good fuel. Avoid things that make you sleepy. Balance it out with fruit. A cup of tea to kick start the day with low sugar.
Line C.
Well, I would think if you want to have a good breakfast you would need to have enough carbs and portion it out with fruits and vegetables and grains.
Eckhardt T.
Protein, fat and carbs. Not just carbs in the form of sugar. Make the meal simple so it’s easy to put together and not a chore or too time consuming. Also, make it a priority over what is interrupting you.
Martin Y.
For me, a great breakfast is something that will keep me full for a long time so I don’t start thinking about food before lunchtime. You should eat foods that release their energy slowly and keep you full for longer, such as eggs, oatmeal, Greek yoghurt, seeds and nuts or avocado. Often these foods have a good amount of protein or fat and less sugar.
If you’re short on time in the morning, a good idea would be to make some breakfast muffins in advance that you can keep in the freezer and grab and go, or prepare overnight oats by placing yoghurt, fruit and nuts and oats/chia seeds in a jar or bowl in the fridge overnight that is ready for you in the morning.
Kristen N.
I tend to fall back on a hard boiled egg and cottage. That gets me about 20 grams high value protein without an excess of sugar.
Katherine Z.
Something with plenty of protein but simple to make. A simple but filling breakfast is allows for consistency for every morning.
Olivia Z.
I now drink a glass of water first thing every morning.
I usually make my lunch & breakfast the night before. Breakfast: Fruit&Protein
banana with PB, piece of fruit with a handful of almonds, walnuts or cashews. Hardboiled eggs …..
Jens B.
A great breakfast is the first meal you have after sleeping so it needs to be full of goodness to prepare your body for the day ahead. It’s important to not force the breakfast, if you wake up and don’t feel yourself have a few nuts or a slice of toast with nut butter just to put something in your stomach.
Avery Z.
First thing first, you have to know which food is satisfies you and keeps you fuller for longer. But, it’s not just about nurtition; you have to eat nutritious and tasty foods to. So you can enjoy it . Life is too short to eat tasteless food but also too short to eat unhealthy. Keep your balance then you’ll be alright!
Victor B.
Hi, I am not sure exactly what you mean by interrupted. IMHO, a great breakfast contains no artificial sugar or sweeteners, so either savoury or sweet and sour like grains (porridge or muesli), milk products (light yoghurt), nuts, and/or proteins like meat or eggs. When I am working I prepare all my meals and snacks (fruit) the day before. HTH.
Georgia J.
A great breakfast doesn’t have to be anything other than “break” the fast. It can be as simple a handful of nuts or leftovers from the night before. You want to energize your metabolism, but you don’t want to bog it down with heavy carbs or tons of protein.
Julie W.
My nutritionist recommended that I eat tapioca or bread with white cheese, a cup of coffe and a fruit. Usually I eat a banana or an apple.
Mike S.
Great question, I make scrambled eggs for me and my kiddo and then I make a smoothie of 1/2 cup blueberry(power fruit) 1/2 cup cherries(natural sweetener) and 1/2 cup of plain yogurt with 1/4 cup of water blend it up and it's amazing and a great start of the day !!! Hope that helps, when it comes to a menu , with 3 kids its chaos so all I can say is carry healthy snacks and premake meals the night before !!!
Selma F.
A great breakfast to me is high protein, healthy carbs and veggies and or fruit. I try to make sure I have easy and fast option for breakfast like liquid egg whites or a protein shake I can blend with some spinach and banana
Isabella S.
I like to have different breakfasts each day but my meal does usually consist of different styles of eggs. i.e. omelette, fried egg, scrambled with toast
Folker F.
I usually grab a quick breakfast on the way to the gym. A great one for me is a piece of fruit and a carton of Skyr. (Skyr is the Icelandic version of yogurt.) Sometimes I make overnight yogurt. A big breakfast is always too much!
Fred E.
For me a great breakfast focuses on whole grains and protein. Breakfast burritos with a lot of veggies and whole grain wraps is great. I do a lot of cooking and freezing in batches to make it simple.
Gladys Z.
A "Great Breakfast" is different for everyone, but usually something that is very easy to make and customizable. Like pancakes and then you can put diffrent stuff on it each day. As for managing the menu, you can try taking time to go to the market when you can and picking up some healthy options so that you don't worry about it in the morning. If you usually don't have time in the mornings maybe you can try waking up a little earlier so that you can enjoy your breakfast in peace. Good luck!