What vegan breakfasts would you recommend?

Manos N.
I am a nigerian, beans or yam porridge works well. Rice and stew also works well. Most people would not agree with this final otion but I usually have vegetable soup and garri for breakfast and it works perfectly well.
Samantha W.
Overnight Oats (experiment with different flavors like PB&J, lemon raspberry, apple cinnamon)
Chia pudding (experiment with different flavors)
vegan protein pancakes (find recipes online)
Smoothie bowls topped with seeds, coconut, and fresh chopped fruit
Hash browns loaded with your favourite veggies
Avocado Toast
Cereal with Almond or Oat milk
Vegan Muffins (find recipes online)
Hope this list helps!
Jeffrey S.
I like to keep a stash of energy/protein bars, and also making some overnight oats the night before! The oats are really delicious and keep me full for hours. I also make smoothie bowls if I have some extra time, with some vegan protein powder
Ernest G.
I'm not a vegan but I know all kinds of berries, bananas, and strawberries with nuts and seeds are the best for breakfast.
Carlos Z.
I would recommend two choices, avocado toast or sweet potato toast. While I don't label myself vegan I go enjoy what I call a clean breakfast. For avocado toast I use pitas or naan bread lightly toasted; fresh mashed avocado with lime or lemon juice, salt and pepper. Then I top it with fresh sliced roma tomatoes and I sometimes add my home made pickled red onions.
For sweet potato toast I slice a sweet potato the long way into half a inch it an inch thick rub them with olive oil, salt and a little pepper, roast in the oven for 10 to 15 until soft and a little browned. While they cool take your fave vegan cream cheese mix with a little honey. Top your sweet potatoe toast with vegan cream cheese or a vegan yogurt and some fresh berries and enjoy.
G Rkem X.
Avocado toast with lots of greens and some olives is a perfect choice. Banana pancakes with almond oil is another good option, with some fresh fruits and maple syrup.
Julia U.
Usually, when I go vegan, I still want to incorporate protein into my diet. I've heard nuts are always the best option, but since I happen to be allergic to them (and I tend to lift weights on an average of two hours a day), I have a protein shake. However, for the rest of my breakfast, it's the same…a mixture of carbs, fruits, and healthy fat until I'm full.
Uma X.
Sprouts salad made with sprouts from three different variety of grains with 3/4th cup veggies of choice and a squeeze of lemon for taste
Megan N.
Standing and touching your toes is a good one that i do, it helps with back pain and it helps stretch your body if you have been sitting for a long period of time
Kocin F.
I would recommend oats with raisin, dry fruits and some nuts taken with yogurt(flavoured for taste). It gives you protiens and vitamins in the food with some probaotics that help your stamina and immunity.
Mariana Y.
Whole-wheat pita bread with peanut butter and a sliced banana. I'm not vegan, but it's one of my favourite sandwiches for starting the day! Goes really well with a cup of coffee.