What would you recommend for other breakfast habits for things to eat when you’re needing to rush out the door?

Kirk P.
An egg sandwich and an apple with a drink of water or juice is perfect for a quick bite to eat before you rush out the door, especially since you can take your fruit and drink with you.
Asta Z.
Being a person with ibs it does sure help to just eat a good sandwich! I usually do an salami sandwich with special cheese and tomato or just take an banana with you and somethinf sweet like a little chocolate
Gina Z.
For me, the easiest thing to grab on the go would be my apple sauce packs and my yogurt. The cool thing is that now the Apple sauce packs have more than just apple as an option. They even have a sweet potato version that’s really yummy and super healthy to start your day with.
Adam Y.
A shake. Easy, quick, healthy and you can make it after your liking. I mix oats, fruits, protein powder, milk and water.
Alyssa S.
Granola bars, trail mix, and fruit are quick and easy options for a protein packed breakfast. Boiling some eggs the night before also allows you to grab those on the way out and keep you full longer! One of my go to breakfasts is a carmel rice cake with peanut butter, banana slices and some honey drizzled on the top! It’s so delicious and gives me so much energy to start the day!
Ehrentraud Q.
Granola + yoghurt can be a really good and super quick breakfast. Granola can also be easily home baked on weekends & made more healthy when made with loads of nuts and honey instead of sugar.
Apart from that, apples are the quickest to-go breakfast and are waste free 🍏
Patrick T.
I would possibly recommend a granola bar or a quick bowl of cereal. Granola bars are already prepackaged and yummy so it’s an easy small meal for on the go. And cereal is quite easy to make if you have very limited time. Depending on your likes either option can be suited to it and both are quite inexpensive!