Coffee before or after breakfast?

Pierre Meyer
With breakfast. Or before. I like the ritual of makingand sipping the coffee while my mind wakes up and I think about my day. I enjoy making a deliberate decision about my breakfast which I think makes the meal more enjoyable and less like an automatic task

Ernâni Aragão
Before. For both direct stimulation effect and executing a morning ritual, I like coffee first. It's easy to maintain on the road, at any house or traveling, where breakfast might vary more. Breakfast can be a wrapped bar, fruit, anything, but coffee is coffee. So, first.

Annett Wohlfahrt
With breakfast. Sometimes I'll have it after, especially if I'm picking it up from somewhere and not making it myself, but I prefer to have my coffee with food so it's gentler on my stomach.

Kordula Kramer
Always before breakfast. I love my cup of coffee in the morning. I am working on eating breakfast sooner but usually eat a few hours after being awake

Heide-marie Häfner
I have a caffeinated drink before breakfast usually while I am getting ready for the day. I will have breakfast once I go downstairs.

Valda Costa
Definitely after breakfast. When the stomach is empty it’s more vulnerable and weak. I doesn’t make sense to pour coffee first thing. Let’s not shock our system. Let’s treat it like it’s our baby. Would you give a baby coffee on an empty stomach. I don’t think so (unless you are crazy haha)

Eli Carroll
I usually have my coffee after I have had my breakfast. I am no longer hungry so I can enjoy my coffee & savour every mouthful.

Caroline Jensen
Coffee before breakfast is my habit. It may make sense to make coffee after breakfast, because I would then have energy from food and supplement it with caffeine, instead of the opposite.

Elsie Frazier
I normally don't take coffee unless I know I have a really busy day ahead of me but when I do I take it a couple of minutes or more before breakfast

Karen Wagner
Studies show that coffee is actually good for a person while in the fasting state. So coffee before breakfast is fantastic. However coffee any of the time of the day is good just don't have it too late in the afternoon or you won't be able to sleep

Mason Cruz
I drink coffee with breakfast, instead of anything else. Typically I start with drinking some coffee, then eat, then finish my coffee

Jackson Obrien
That depends on how I am feeling, How much time I have in the morning and how much sleep I got. Normally I start my coffee as I am waiting for my oatmeal to cool. So after. Coffee is my free to do anytime I want drink.

Ross Clarke
Coffee after breakfast. However, I rarely drink coffee. Coffee after breakfast will be better because your stomach is full with food and the nutrients you need.

Eduardo Alexander
I generally have my coffee first thing, it helps fill the emptiness in my stomach and prolongs the time before I eat. I’m honestly not sure if this is healthy or not but it’s the habit that I am accustomed to and it seems to have been working for me.

Judith Ford
Caffeine on empty stomach could damage your stomach lining and causes heartburn…..shouldn't be taken with meal or immediately after any meal because it will prevent iron (from food) to absorb properly in the body….you should wait atleast 1-2 hours after meal for caffeine.

Baptist Schultze
I generally drink the coffee with breakfast. I prepare both at the same time, and since I prefer my coffee less than scalding hot it's generally perfectly drinkable temperature by the time everything is ready.

Florisbela Mendes
I drink coffee before breakfast. This is especially true on the days I am working out early in the morning because I like to wake up a bit before I work out. Being more alert may also help me make healthier choices

Lærke Christiansen
It honestly depends. Have I had time to make coffee? If I have, then probably with breakfast. But if I haven't, then after.

Lawrence Cole
I prefer mine before. It's my only coffee of the day and I make a ritual of it. My favorite cup, a blend I enjoy. Enjoying the smell is part of waking up right in my books. I enjoy the moment and just breathe. Then when I'm ra ready I do the sudoku of the day.

Rick Gregory
Before breakfast as I'm usually tired and not hungry. I usually have a protein shake just before u go to work to keep me full for as long as possible.

Esther Martin
Usually I have my coffee before breakfast while I’m making the kids breakfast and sitting with them while they eat, unless I manage to make my own breakfast at the same time then I have my coffee with breakfast.

Mery Castro
I've read that coffee is most effective if you have it later in the morning, and that it's healthiest to have water first thing in the day

Ethan Simmmons
Before! I’m not hungry when I wake up. It takes about 2-3 hours for me to want food. Coffee has really become pretty habitual. I only drink 1 cup on my commute.

Kent Taylor
I think it’s better to drink coffee ☕️ after breakfast. Before I would get coffee first thing in the morning but wouldn’t eat or drink anything else almost all day. By ensuring I have my healthy breakfast first I keep my coffee intake at a minimum.

Andrew Böckmann
Hmmm in my opinion since the app says that coffee sugar chocolate and stuff like that drain u out of anergy I think it’s better to drink it while breakfast with no sugar or extra filling or even better not drink it at all but personally if I really wanted coffee I think I would just eat a healthy breakfast and then somewhere between breakfast and lunch I would drink coffee

Elsa Garnier
It should not be taken on empty stomach. Other than that you can have it any time. But if you have it before breakfast l, you can't eat breakfast. Anyway I don't drink coffee at all.

Russell Phillips
After for relaxation.. and I believe coffee damages to empty stomach..
Coffee after breakfast makes you feel like you take a moment for yourself