How do you add variety to your breakfast? If you plan your breakfast prep the night before, what do you do?

Jennifer O.
I like protein and fruit for breakfast. I will eat 1 or 2 eggs with wheat toast and a few strawberries or grapes. This keeps me going all morning and wakes me up with energy for the day. I have a cup of coffee with a natural sweetener like stevia. I have 2 12 oz bottles of water for every cup of coffee. This keeps me hydrated after drinking the caffeine
Adam I.
Variety is important, especially for breakfast, as it will set the mood the rest of your day. You can make the most delicious omlette in the world, however if you have it every day, it will lose its' magic. Your options are either have a few completely different dishes (eg. porridge, fruits, yoghurt, etc) that you rotate on a regular basis (let's say every 3 days) or start making variety within it's own if you insist on the same meal. Do you know how many ways eggs can be prepared and how many delicious and healthy things can be added to it or can be enjoyed with on the side? Also seethe same with porridge (tip: porridge can be enjoyed sweet or savoury). Additionally, feel free to experiment with dishes you don't know. Have you ever heard of congee? It is technically a chinese savoury rice porridge and is an important part of a chinese breakfast. It can be enjoyed plain, however it is popular to add something to it: beef, chicken or perhaps seafood. Or perhaps let's try something with more usual ingredients however a rather unique combination: try shakshuka. Again, don't be afraid to experiment, you will find things you will love and things you won't, start looking at breakfast foods around the world and see what is it that is healthy and will work for you. You will only need about 4-5 options and if you change them every 3 days or so you wont have any repetition for about 2 weeks. I hope this helped and good luck! 🙂
Janardo Z.
I Don’t plan my breakfast the night before, but I give myself a choice between two different kind of breakfast. I can choose between: a mug of cappuccino with some bread with jam, half banana, a glass of juice and some seeds; or a cup of yogurt with seeds and banana, a cup of coffee, a glass of juice. My choice is related to how I wake up in the morning and how much I’m hungry.
Mahsa N.
I try to make sure it contains good protein, fat and healthy carbs. I usually eat relatively the same breakfast every day and plan for the ingredients over the weekend.
Kierstyn P.
You can add a variety to your breakfast by making sure to include protein, whole grains, and something that will keep you energized throughout the day.
Adam Q.
I usually plan it that same morning. I wake up and stay laying in my bed for a bitchecking if I can remember my dreams, after that I think about food see what my body wants that day and i usually go with that. Other times when I can't find an answer I just try to remember what's available in the kitchen and start playing with the taste of different combinations in my imagination. I go through that until I spot a taste that I crave for some reason. And yeah, that's pretty much how it goes for me.
Elizabeth F.
I don’t often meal-prep. I simply get up and decide what I want to eat. It sometimes means I have to go out and get new ingredients before I can make my breakfast, but that means I get my exercise in before breakfast time!
Abigail T.
I personally keep it simple, tasty and healthy. I pick things which are superfood based and the kind of breakfast I can have on the go, like for example, oat protein bars or bananas.
Tatiana X.
In order for me to add variety to my breakfast I create a list of the breakfast foods I like to eat and then plan out a menu for that week… I do this before I go shopping and after guess because I may forget a few things or I may change my mind about what days I want to eat different things… And I always have both a quick option and a option that lets me take my time and cook… When you're prepared for anything to happen in the morning and makes or an easier breakfast especially if you know you can have hectic mornings…
Silva E.
Well, you can start with your daily fruit and vegetables. The night before, start by choosing 2 or 3 vegetables or fruit. You can also cut them up and put them in the refrigerator or you could cut them up in the morning. For grains, you can choose from different seeds or even cereal. Musli is a great choice! You can also think about proteins, you can have mushrooms if you’re vegan, or cheese in brine (i love that with tomatoes). You can make weird combinations of food with different tastes: sour tomatoes with salty cheese and maybe sweet watermelon or some nuts for the crunch. You can find inspiration online as well! I hope i helped you❤️
Alva Z.
I don’t think breakfast is a meal on which you should spend time or energy. It’s the meal that gets you out the door ready for the day – you can get fancy at lunch time. I save my effort and creativity for other parts of life. So I eat precisely the same thing every day – a one-egg omelette with extra oil whipped in and plenty of butter in the pan. All that fat staves off hunger til noon. I drink one cup of coffee and a large glass of water and if there are seasonal fruits getting over-ripe in the fruit basket I might grab a piece. And I’m done.
Camila N.
Using a mason jar, add 1 ounce of oats, 1 ounce of chia seeds, half a cup of A2 milk, a splash of vanilla extract, a pinch of cinnamon and 6 ounces of berries. Refrigerate overnight.
Rom O Z.
I don’t prep but have different go to breakfasts which all take differing lengths. Quick one would be homemade sourdough toast maybe with avo. Something longer would be sourdough pancakes or homemade baked beans with butter beans
Gary Z.
Plan out what I am going to have for breakfast for the 5 week days in advance and buy foods that I know are versatile – eggs can be made many ways and the addition of cheese, salsa, veggies etc change the taste entirely. The night before I prep any foods that might need chopping, weighing, etc so that when the morning comes I do not have to think – just throw it all together. Another example would be plain oatmeal – you could add nuts, berries, raisins, cream etc – a different taste per day.
Catherine X.
Have a number of 'go to breakfasts that you can make in advance. This means you can grab them as you leave in a hurry or eat when you wake. It saves reaching for the nearest sugary snack and you can alternate every day.
Rachel U.
I have a few favorite breakfasts so that I can change it up. I make sure I have a couple that take very little time for a rushed morning. Occasionally I will make something new when I have time. If I need to prep the night before I will do things like combine frozen fruit for a smoothie in one container so I can just pull it out of the freezer and toss in the blender.
Ilinca I.
I really enjoy watching recipes on YouTube. It helps a lot. Of course, I change the meal everyday, so it wont get boring.
Nolhan E.
I tend to add some fruits to it and when I have time I also integrate some eggs to give me energy and start off the day. Also I drink a lot of coffee to wake me up!
Anna E.
I like looking at my favorite restaurants and trying to make low-effort, healthy versions of my favorites from their menus! I find that as long as I plan what I'm eating the night before, I'm motivated to get up and eat it the following morning.