If you work out in the morning do you eat before or after?

Amtoz X.
I personally eat after and suggest too , because if i eat before the workout i feel like throwing up and can't workout properly and I am gonna be hungry after work out as i just burnt calories and my mom always said to eat after so eating after the workout is best but do take a little amount of food before as a pre workout snak like a bar , fruits etc
Anna M.
It depends on the exercise I do. My morning exercise routine is a lot of stretching, push ups, and sit ups, so I will eat after that as these activities don’t typically demand a lot of caloric energy from me (only motivational energy). If I was intending to jog or run for 20+ minutes, I’d probably have a quick bite to eat (maybe a granola bar or some fruit) beforehand for extra fuel to avoid feeling weak or lightheaded while I exercise.