I tend to eat the same thing for breakfast simply because it is convenient. Are there any quick, easy and filling recipes for breakfast? The only breakfast food I don’t like is tomatoes so open to a lot of options.

Christina U.
Omelet without tomatoes, eggs and toast, quick granola cereal,oatmeal with fruit,banana pancakes, and a ok me yogurt and fruit?
Serena F.
A bowl of cereal, eggs, peanut butter sandwich, sandwich, waffles, croissants, cookies with milk , tea, coffee, hot chocolate, bagel, baguette, bacon,donut
Mama Q.
I usually eat the same things too. I recently started eating breakfast burritos which you can fill with eggs or sausage or whatever you like. I also make cereal bars which are really good, easy to make, and don’t require a lot of ingredients. You can find all these amazing breakfast ideas on youtube or the web.
Theo S.
Okay, what do you tend to eat often? I suggest avocado toast, Crapes ( because you can put anything you want in them), and a fruit parfait! All these things are delicious and healthy for you. It’s also very filling. Also smoothies are a great option because there’s so many different kinds you can make. If your going to be making smoothies though, I suggest a on-the-go blender. That’s only if you rush out the house usually. Hope this helps!
Hildegund O.
I have porridge quite often, in part because the oats can sit in my cupboard, so are easy to just have in – like pasta. I tend to mix up the fruit I have with it, blueberries, raspberries, banana or add nuts with a little honey if I really fancy! I’m also unusual cause I love plain porridge so it means the flavours always different so it doesn’t often feel repetitive, which is really nice. My flatmate makes protein waffles as opposed to pancakes and puts banana in the mix, they also smell amazing. So, if you like to get protein but don’t like the shakes, that’s good too 🙂
Katarzyna A.
Hi, I find eggs to be the most apt for breakfast. You can have them in many ways. Add cheese if you like and that increases the filling-quotient. Other dish I prefer is sandwiches – you can try different fillings and sauces each day, and it tastes unique.
Tango N.
Idly is a best breakfast recipe as it is both fulfilling and also helps in better digestion. Also kitcdi would be great as you can add vegetables to it, hence providing energy that keeps you running the whole day.
Becky O.
I tend to skip breakfast I mainly wake up and drink coffee, but when I do have breakfast I make bacon,eggs, mushrooms, chilli with a side of toast,
Vicky Q.
I tend to have a variety of filling and healthy foods. A healthy breakfast is better and I wake up earlier to fulfill that.
Erika R.
Banans pancakes with berries or fruit. Oatmeal with seeds, banana and nuts. Sourdough bread with avocado, egg and chili flakes.
Julia N.
If you don't have time to cook breakfast, try preparing something you can keep in the fridge from the night before. For example, a basmati rice salad. You can put anything you want in It. Try orange pepper, cucumber, onion, sweetcorn, green and black olives, pine nuts, boiled eggs, sausage, parsley…anything, really, and it doesn't go bad overnight.
Good luck!