Do you prepare any part of breakfast in advance?

Annelise U.
No, not really — I kind of just make whatever's easy and already in the pantry, keeping in mind still that healthy options are the best.
Munir Y.
Personnally I don't but I'm still really struggling and perhaps not always having a "great" breakfast. I do think it would be beneficial and make it easier in the morning knowing that's its already prepared and you don't have to put too much effort in. I also feel it may be easier to prepare the night before when you have more time and more energy.
Mair N.
Most days yes, I prepare majority of my breakfast in advance. At minimum I will cut up the veggies I plan on using for the week, so I can just throw them in eggs.
Celina N.
Since I am not very good T getting up in the morning, I tend to have a very simple breakfast, like fruit and some nuts. To be sure not to forget, I usually put everything on the kitchen counter the previous evening.
Margarita O.
Usually no. But if I am thinking to eat in the morning buckwheat, pearl basley or other grains I may but then in cold water in the evening so in the morning it takes less time to cook them.
Burghard C.
Yes on The days I go to work I eat oats blended with almond milk banana and handful of berries (or any fruit) or overnight oats also with fruit or/and nuts and/or dried fruits – I prepare both in the evening for two following mornings.
Leroy F.
If I know I'm having a really busy week I will prepare some breakfast in advance, but I normally do not. I like to keep breakfast easy. Avacado toast, veggie omelets, and peanut butter toast are my favorite go too breakfasts. Protein smoothies are easy as well, & allow more calories for lunch.
Am Ncio C.
I actually recently started making egg "muffins" a few days ahead. I cook some bacon/peppers/diced red potatoes/sometimes sausage, and then I scramble some eggs in a bowl, and I poor it about halfway full into a muffin tins, I usually make 6-10 at a time. Then, I sprinkle an even mixture of whatever goodies I cooked up into the muffin tins on top of the eggs, until it's almost full. I bake for about 10 minutes. I usually eat two each morning, and it's a good protein kick! I try not to make more than 5 days in advance tho, because eggs can get gross!
Alma Z.
I make sure I have clean dishes primarily and I eat oatmeal in the morning and boil eggs so I boil eggs an entire carton and keep it in the fridge. In the mornings I grab my bowl, put my oatmeal in and eat it with banana, agave Syrup and some flaxseed mix.
Amalie W.
No. My breakfast choices are usually right away stuff like eggs and oats. So no need to preprepare. Plus I love fresh food.
Witold S.
Other than making sure I have the ingredients, not really. I have however started to make sure I have all my tools ready to go the night before so there’s no obstacles when I’m up early before everyone else. I’m always trying to be quiet and quick so I make sure my favourite fry pan and lid aren’t hiding other pots and pans, the egg flip is clean and next to the fry pan, my fave mug is clean and accessible, etc.
Felecia Q.
Not really. I usually have Cream of Wheat and fruit. I also have a cup of flavored.
Sometimes a freshly made protein enriched fruit shake
with flaxseed and chia seed because it satiated my appetite.
I would like to eat bulgar wheat, quinoa and boiled eggs. Those I would need to prep for the morning. Hope this helps.
Patr Cio Q.
Yes! I usually have something I can grab quickly and take with me, such as a piece of fresh fruit, string cheese and a granola bar
Dennis P.
Sometimes… I try to keep quick (high protein) stuff in hand , so if I am in a hurry I can grab and go. If I am feeling really motivated on Sunday I will prep. I will hard-boil eggs, cut up fruits and veggies, etc.
Virgil A.
it's all there, I pick up the bowl open the cupboard and pour the 3 boxes of grains nuts and fruit then pour the nut milk on then eat and enjoy
Kris Y.
Really good question , I usually have eggs with fruit every morning so there isn’t really a whole lot of prep involved there . That being said I have been preparing snacks, lunch and suppers ahead of time .
I will Clean all my fruit and portion them in out in 1 cup
Tyrone S.
My breakfast is really simple, actually. I don't really need to prepare anything. The only thing I do before breakfast is buying the foods—bread and peanut butter.
Brian Y.
No. I have no energy left in the evening. I do it all in the morning and take it to work. Cornflakes, nuts, oatmeal, Greek yoghurt and some fresh fruit. At work I add milk and warm it up.
Claudia T.
Hard boiled eggs area godsend. So easy to make they keep, so you can make a big batch that'll last you all week. You can also spice them differently each morning, eat them with toast, or alone. I find I don't need a large breakfast to get going. Large breakfasts slow me down and make me tired.
Emil Z.
Sometimes I do it in advance. For example I've baked a healthy sugar dairy and gluten free muffins the night before to get me loaded on healthy carbs and protein for the morning. But most of the time I will do it on a day like boil some eggs or make a toast with some nut butter