Do any of you think it’s worth it to invest in a good blender for smoothies? Or tupperwares for meal preparation?

Jessica S.
Yes! A lot of less expensive blenders still work great, but may wear out quicker. If you’re choosing between the two- choose tupperware! It’s much more inspiring to eat meals out of organized or fun containers than random ones (at least for me)
Martina X.
Definitely. I love prepared meals of the right portion. I am more of a juice person than smoothie lover so I own a juicer. It's great for finishing older fruit.
Harvey O.
Yes! I make at least 4 smoothies every week! Also, a large set of meal-prep containers goes a long way. Don't get ones that are too expensive – take it from someone who has left more dishes at work than anyone.
Julie N.
It is good to have a good blender, but if it is too expensive, i wouldn't buy it. If you love smoothies and drink them regularly, okay. But if you start now and even don't know if you will continue with smoothies, it's a little bit stupid.
Shelley Y.
Personally, I don’t invest in either of those things. However, my parents often told me when I was young that blending fruit in a smoothie is less healthy than eating them separately. I am not sure about Tupperwares, however.
Erin C.
I think investing in blenders is good since you can make those yummy smoothies, but I think Tupperware is more beneficial because you’ll be able to cook anything with those essentials.